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    FF XIV: A Realm Reborn: Gameplay preview Gamescon

    Looks like FFXIVs combat system as well as alot of other mechanics has dramatically changed from XIV 1.0 to 2.0(Realm Reborn)

    Absolutly cannot wait for it to be launched

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    hell froze over. we can now jump in a final fantasy mmorpg. i'll be tryin this when it comes out.
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    I preorder ff14 as soon as it was possible. I was in every open beta, the collector version is sitting proudly on top of my other Ce box. I played the game for abit 50 mins before calling it quits due to afew small things heh.
    Can't stand the loading, I couldn't minimize to desktop without crashing the game. And my gamepad wouldn't work. still got enough of crystals to buy like 4 month of game time sitting in my account balance heh..

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    Rustedsaint. The game has come along way from Launch day. Alot of people like you who quit during launchdays, has come back now a few months ago, and said they felt it was a whole new game to them. And FFXIV Realm Reborn seems to become even greater.

    The video in the youtube clip was from Gridania, and I love current Gridania, and it looks nothing like how it does now. And I love how it seems that the maps are so open ^^

    Looking forward to Realms Reborn very eagerly. Not many games has made me become excited in the last decade. :3

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