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    Odds of becoming a WWE superstar/Requirements to be one

    Hey Guys,
    This is just a post about something that i have a Big intrest in, I've Been Watching WWE For a Few Years now, It's something i've really enjoyed to watch and learn from, Like inspirational Superstars Such as John Cena with His phrase 'Never give up',it's helped me alot in the things i like to do that i'm not the best at, Increasing My confidence, and after watching it for so many years and being a big fan its one of those Jobs i would like to get after hopefully getting a degree in university, as far as people say its a 1 in a million to get accepted and to become such a Famous person ,i'm still fairly young and i'd like to know what the Odds and Requirements would be to get a contract with that inspiring buisness, I've watched a TV Show Called 'The Wrestlers: Fighting with my family' which is about a family from Norwich, England and how their Son and Daughter got into the WWE which gave me a small idea on the Requirements but i'd still like to know from people that know more about it with the Odds of you Getting Recognised and Accepted.
    and i'd like to think it of a goal to achieve, and not leave as a dream to never get
    And Helpful Replies with the information i'm looking for, i'll be really greatful
    Thanks a Bunch

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    Most WWE actors are former athletes who decided to roid themselves up for tv. You have very little chance of being one if you arent already an amateur athlete (football player or wrestler) and are on roids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbhasban View Post
    Most WWE actors are former athletes who decided to roid themselves up for tv. You have very little chance of being one if you arent already an amateur athlete (football player or wrestler) and are on roids.
    Some of them are natty...
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    Quote Originally Posted by JustaBigBird View Post
    Some of them are natty...
    I highly doubt that. Steroids are a lot more common than people tend to think.

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    There's also the fact that you'd have to fit an image, Vince McMahon is someone who openly doesn't like anyone who doesn't fit the general ideology of being 5ft 10+, 250lbs and built like a tank - unless you're very bloody good you're getting nowhere in WWE if you don't meet those requirements. Plus it'd be fair to say that it's a long & expensive road, you have years of wrestling school, indie work for little to no profit & all in an environment where one slip can end it all - over the past couple of months I've caught a local indie's show and i swear what those guys put themselves through is fucking brutal! The chances of being a WWE superstar are likely lower than being an Olympian, that's how low it actually is, even if you get to being in the top indie circuits in the world that doesn't mean you'll end up on Raw or Smackdown, the one guy I've met who did wind up on WWE TV honestly worked his arse off from the early teenage years to get there, blood sweat and tears - and yeah, he does fit the mould.
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    Youd have a far better chance making it in one of the TNA areas. You might be able to make it in OVW and if your really lucky make it to the FCW. Vince Mcmahon has cut down on the average guy making it in. Ever since we got out of the attitude era unless your 6ft 4 and built you probably wont make it to far. Even people who are "guarenteed" a contract with the WWE dont seem to make it. Look at Andy Levine. Lets say you do make it to the WWE you will probably be the back stage bitch for at least 4 or 5 years helping setting up shows and what not like a lot of other now big stars have done (CM Punk). Or get stupid stories and die off to be reborn many years later (Ziggler and his spirit squad stuff). Its by no means an easy task. Just think some people like Yoshi Tatsu, Zach Ryder, Natalya. All great performers and get shit on. Natalya even comes from one of the most prestigious wrestling families and cant catch a break and her and Beth are probably the only 2 females who actually can wrestle. But hey lets put T&A all over tv and promote kelly kelly, eve, and AJ when they can "wrestle" as good as about 2 greased pigs in a sleeping bag.
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    Don't waste your time worrying about the "odds." The requirements are simple, you need to be in outstanding physical shape with complimentary genetics to your "glamour" muscles, incredible athleticism, experience, and above all a personality.

    Hard work and grinding through the ranks as well, of course.

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    You need "the look" - charisma and stature. For every Bryan Danielson there are thousands of talented smaller guys who get nowhere near the business. There are even more talented big guys who get nowhere, but they have a better chance. Remember the Spirit Squad? Five talented guys with a decent look who could have made it big, but of those only one is still in wrestling. These are the guys you are competing with, and they're not making it. Unless you're 7' there's going to be little setting you apart from the hundreds of others. They're all just as talented as you, just as skilled as you and just as driven as you. The lowercard guys have exactly the same mindset as you, they all want to be on top, but very very few make it.

    If you want to learn more about the business try watching some RF Video shoots. You could also try watching Beyond The Mat and the Louis Theroux documentary on pro wrestling.

    Recent advice from William Regal:

    Updated tips on being a Pro Wrestler/Sports Entertainer for those who've asked.It takes a lot more work to being a WWE superstar than an few Pro Wrestling holds and throws. You must develop all your skills and that usually comes from help from more experienced pro's. I never had to be told to ask for help and guidance and never to this day stop working on my skills. Sitting round texting, playing games and whining will get you know where. No one owes you a living.

    So that I don't come across like a miserable old git (insert joke), I will happily give some free advice to up and coming Pro Wrestlers:

    Find a school with a good rep and a trainer who has a great pedigree.
    Learn the basics properly.Get and stay in good condition,there's a big difference from looking in condition to actually being in condition.I'm a believer in Hindu squats,Hindu push ups and most importantly proper bridging(nose on mat,feet flat on mat).Work hard and have respect for the job.Good manners go a long way.Treat people the way you would like to be treated.Enjoy it.

    Now once you are training:

    - Make everything you do mean something or don't bother doing it.

    - Study the greats and the people who the great ones admire.Very important.

    - Get a good base of basics and perfect them.Don't take this for granted.

    - Work at perfecting your skills but be honest with yourself. If there are things you don't do well then avoid doing them.

    - Try to find someone who will give you an honest answer about your skills. Most people's ego won't allow them to think they do things badly.

    - Practice your talking skills. Use a mirror and film yourself and work on every detail, facials, eyes and mannerisms.Learn a one minute promo and when you've got that perfect then do the same promo,the exact same words,in a many different emotions that you can think of(happy,sad,mad,indifferent,verge of a break down etc).Once you get good a this you can start inter changing them in one promo and your skill level will increase greatly.

    - Look to the world to find things that you can use to develop your character. Films, TV shows and anything else that grabs your attention.

    - Learn how to read people's emotions. This tip is invaluable. People don't just boo or cheer. You have to learn how to make them.

    Only one in a million has the Elvis factor(old reference but I can't think of a better one).If you truly have that quality then you can get away with anything but the majority of us don't so don't take your skills for granted.I believe that that the more time you put into learning the details the better and longer your career will be.

    Watch this match and really study everything they do.You should aim for this standard if you are interested in technical wrestling http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6YW9...e_gdata_player

    I know I'm the last person you want to listen to about physique training but it's very important these days.From seeing how the smart people train now it seems as though compound movements like squats,deadlifts etc build better,more functional,resilient bodies for our business.Bodybuilding movements don't.Like I said,this is just what I see and hear .

    Learn from the mistakes of the people who have come before you (including me) and try not to make them.

    To make it in the WWE you have to be very adaptable and willing to make any character or opportunity work.Heres some very good advise.Make a list of the worst possible situations and character traits you be asked to do.Now make up a character and promos involving those traits and work on perfecting that character and promo(on your own otherwise you'll get locked up).Make those things second nature.Now you've taken away some of your fears so whatever you are asked to do should be easier.Dont skip this task.Very few people who come to the WWE end up being the character they envisioned.
    The most important things you have to make you connect with an audience are your eyes.If you believe in yourself and your persona it will be evident in your eyes.You cannot show any real emotion without your eyes.So,if you're interested in being taken seriously then never wear anything to cover them.This will offend a lot of people but you don't look cool wearing sunglasses indoors.You look a divvy.There are many big stars who have worn them but you'll find most will take them off when they're making a serious point or they just have that special magic that only 1 in a million have.

    If you are a normal person like myself and you don't have that one in a million Elvis quality(a lot of people are delusional about this) then to make yourself valuable I suggest you study as many different styles of our business as possible.You never know how the industry will change and if you can only wrestle one way you may be left behind.It goes back to the being adaptable tip from before.

    A great tip from Roddy Piper"always wrestle from your heart".This sounds simple but it's not.Don't play at pro wrestling,feel it and you will be a better pro.

    One more tip. Everyone takes ideas from others but make them your own. Try to be original. Be a one off.

    That's enough for today. Sounds simple enough but very few put those ideas into practice. Use common sense. Everything is in those tweets. Figure them out. In other words don't be a div. I can't hold your hand.
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    Talent in wrestling is a good start. You'll need to be in amazing shape and have a good personality. Acting skill is a plus as well as maybe stunt experience. Honestly I have know idea though. Just spitballing.

    It's probably not very easy at all.

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    I would say the number one thing would be to have a confident and charismatic character.

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    The other thing to be is very thick skinned, starting out you'll get dogs abuse, perhaps it's the Glasgow crowd but one of the guys in the local indie i was talking about is very slight & slim and gets nothing but "get him fed" chants or people singing "feed the world, let them know it's christmas time!" every time he's near the ring! You've also got to be able to work with that and be able to fire it straight back at the crowd otherwise you'll just be another goon being fed lines which will get you nowhere - go out to your local shows & get communicating with them and take it from there as you'll learn a lot more there than asking here.
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    You need to be these things.

    1. Bodybuilder
    2. Rockstar
    3. Actor
    4. Wrestler

    Be prepared to do anything it takes in order to make your body bigger and stronger than everyone elses, you need a persona, an act and you need to be able to convince people.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigbazz View Post
    You need to be these things.

    1. Bodybuilder
    2. Rockstar
    3. Actor
    4. Wrestler

    Be prepared to do anything it takes in order to make your body bigger and stronger than everyone elses, you need a persona, an act and you need to be able to convince people.
    Replace 4. with stuntman. WWE wrestlers do not wrestle. They do stunts.

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    You could also have a look at J.R.'s website. He will put stuff up on his blog for upcoming wrestlers. http://www.jrsbarbq.com/blog
    IIRC he was the talent relations dude till like 2004.

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