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    Arrangement of exercises

    I was wondering, does it matter in what order you do your exercises? I can imagine it being a good idea to repeat a shoulder exercise after another shoulder exercise, or perhaps not? I've always just went with what's easiest in terms of available space at the gym and if I can do another exercise with the same barbell for instance, I just stay at the spot until I am finished.

    Is a random order of exercises for a day fine, or is it better to rearrange it in some sort of way?

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    I don't think it's necessary to have to work the same muscle, without doing other muscles in between. But I kinda feel the order is somewhat important, depending on how much strength you're gonna loose for your next exercise, I'll give you a personal example

    I used to do, Bench -> Flyes -> Dips ..But I fiqured out not long ago I were able to do more dips if I changed the order to, Bench -> Dips -> Flyes ..Without it affecting my flyes

    I like to choose the order of my exercises based on how it fatigues me, and how heavy the exercise is aswell, you could probably biceps curl your best at the end of the day, but I wouldn't try to deadlift with no grip strength left, after doing chins and rows, and also feeling a bit too fatigued for a heavy compound

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    "He who fails to plan, plans to fail", this is something thats very true if you want most out of your workout. It's very important to have a certain structure when your working out, unless you have absolutely no goals when exercising.

    A rule of thumb is to exercise the biggest muscle first as they require the most energy, and train that muscle group all the way through until your done. Besides doing compound exercises first is pretty logical. Its no use to do biceps curls or tricep extensions before doing pullups or bench press. Always do isolation exercises at last.

    Usually when doing fullbody i structure it something like this:

    Legs (Squat, Deadlifts)
    Chest (Bench and other press exercises)
    Shoulder (Military press, Lateral raises)
    Back (Pullups, rows)
    Isolation (Biceps, Triceps)

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