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    Buying a new laptop soon

    Hey guys, I'm planning on buying a new laptop soon. I'm going to use it for my study (Computer Science) and some gaming in my spare time. I found this far:

    • Intel Core i7-3610QM 4x2,30GHz (Turbo 3.30GHz) Ivy Bridge
    • Kingston 8GB DDR3-1600 RAM DualChannel
    • Intel 240GB SSD Sata3
    • Nvidia GeForce GTX670m 1,5GB GDDR5 dedicated RAM (DirectX 11)
    • 15.6” FullHD-LED AntiGlare panel 1920x1080
    • 8-cell Li-Ion high-end battery
    • OS: Win7 Home Premium

    Link (danish): http://www.mm-vision.dk/produkter/vi...e=pcnotevision

    The price is 1385 Euro. Is it a good buy? comments? Is there a better deal for me (must be from a company that operates in Denmark)?
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    I know that shit is expensive in Denmark, but you can currently get a 128GB SSD for around 600-700, I'd definitely get myself one of those and get a normal HDD as a secondary drive. Hybrid discs usually only have enough space on the flash part for the OS, at least from what I know of? But it seems cheap for that kind of laptop in Denmark. Also I've been dealing with MM-V before and they have really good service and should anything happen you usually have your computer back wihtin the week you ship it to them with new parts in it(Also they pay the shipment).

    EDIT: As you can see there is no option on their website to downgrade to a normal HDD but you should be able to fix that by mailing them, they will do about anything for you as long as it fits in the computer.
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