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    Possible To Aquire Hall of Monuments Rewards After GW2 Launch?

    I hear there is this area in Guild Wars, called the hall of monuments. Where you earn in game achievment points and can earn in game items for Guild Wars 2. I never played Guild Wars but am interested to perhaps try to earn all the rewards for Guild Wars 2.

    Is it going to be possible to earn all the in game rewards for Guild Wars 2 after it has launched by doing the 50 points in Guild Wars 1?

    Also does anyone have an item list of things you can earn for your Guild Wars 2 account?

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    Well, as Gisei said. You can still work or start working on HoM after Gw2 Launch, and He provided the link for the rewards as well.

    There is a calculator online as well. It's this site. You can use my character "Am Aizen" to play with it and see for yourself.

    Also I would like to say that Im closing this thread as there is a sticky for discussion and questions and even a guide right here.

    (I would aim for 30 points, as 31+50 are just titles and will take ALOT of effor from your part). ~Zil

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