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    Beta-> retail, or seperate download?

    Will I have to completely redownload the client and update or can I update through the beta client? Also, if I can't update to retail version via beta client, any idea when the retail is made available?

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    Ignore this response.
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    Beta client can be updated to retail, you don't need to re-download the entire client. The client is being updated regularly even now, every couple of days or so. You can continue updating it now in small chunks instead of having a huge amount of data to download on launch day.

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    In general, you'll have to redownload for the launch of any Blizzard game.
    Wrong game forum.

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    Whoops. My bad. I saw this from the Recent Posts on the main page. Ignore my response.

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    I've read that we will only have to update it to retail version. Shaw, you're probably talking about a wrong game. This is Guild Wars 2 forum, and the game is developed by ArenaNet, not Blizzard.

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    I had them confirm it back in July that you will not need to redownload the whole game.

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    Like mofo said, there's no need to redownload it. Simply keep checking for game updates every few days, you'll be able to use the same client from beta for retail.

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    they didn't link some new client for us to download and we're now 10days to pre-release so it's fair to assume it's the same.
    im gonna start updating this weekend but some just updated their client since few days after last beta.

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