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    Headstart on August 25th and 27th

    Today ArenaNet will allow those that pre-ordered a retail copy of GW2 to join in on the headstart.

    So while the release date is still August 28th, this is how it pans out if you Pre-Purchase or Pre-Order:

    • Pre-Purchase (via guildwars2.com), with 3-day headstart (August 25th)

    • Pre-Order (via 3rd party vendor), with a 1-day headstart (August 27th)


    This will possibly make for a less chaotic Tuesday

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    This was arranged from the very start. This news is as old as 10th of april :S.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larynx View Post
    A bit slow.
    Where did your Gift of Understatement drop? I want to farm one of those. :P

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    I am pretty sure everyone is aware of this already.

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    Sorry lando, but this is very old news.

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    I appreciate the effort, but this thread is going to go no where.

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