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    Sorrow's Furnace has been very strong in WvWvW during all the beta events. That's the current server that I am on. However, I may be interested in joining a guild for release and they want to play on Borlis Pass, but I fear that server won't be very populated. Anyone play on that server can share their experience how the community was and how they did in WvWvW?

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    I played on the one that THE 4CHAINZ was on, Anvil Rock I think.It was mostly quiet with bursts of activity every now and then.Intend on going to the Tarnished Coast once live.

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    So what do you suggest for a pve player that probably will not even play a WvW match? :PI usualy go to RP servers cause community seems to be more polite and I love RP Events and people that care to farm RP sets of armor. I am playing on Argent Dawn in wow and I loved that each person had a unique look in towns, even before the transmogrification feature. In GW2 I don't even know the type of servers :P, I suppose there will not be a pvp server, but do we have RP servers and who you think will be good RP servers?
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    I had a good experience with the people on Jade Quarry. Everyone seemed very friendly and helpful. At the end of the second to last stress test about 40 of us teleported to Queensdale just outside of DR and spammed AoE abilities for a good five minutes as they were bringing down the servers. One of the players was recording it and uploaded it to YouTube.

    I only dabbled in the WvW for about 20 minutes as the rubberbanding was making it unplayable, but Jade Quarry seemed pretty coordinated for a stress test. There were a couple of leaders who were typing out commands in chat.

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