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    originally i just wanted to get over 9000, then when I passed that, I realized I just liked doing them, so ya
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    Quote Originally Posted by laggspike View Post
    kinda agree here
    i just went to the sig website and it says mine is worth 10,929.00 lol

    oh how i wish... 7/7 Mythic EN / 3/3 Mythic ToV / 10/10 Mythic NH / 9/9 Mythic ToS some old school CM fun
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    Just something to do really

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    Quote Originally Posted by shurrek View Post
    I'm at 14970 pts and i feel like a boss when opening the guild tab that is sorted by achievement points. So this is the reason why i do achievements and because i think people that have many achievements are kinda better players. (or have too much spare time blabla )
    lol thats my reason as well. i was in a Achievement race with a guild but i guess he quit after i got a 700 point lead .

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    Boredom and I'm just an addict for it, simply put. On just a tad under 15k atm.

    I heard some people (randomers) say we have no life, but I beg to differ as they're probably just jealous/trolling (I have a part time job and everything which I enjoy).
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    Quote Originally Posted by SunbakedDuck View Post
    I also feel like the more achievement points i have the more authority i have.
    Exactly the reason why I hunt achievement points! I'm not one of the crazy dedicated guys that have over 14/14.5k, but I still try to keep a decent number, putting at least some work&grind into them!

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    Im too much on an altoholic to farm achis seriously but ever since they announced that achievements are to be account bound if been on it like no bodys business! 9.5k and rising..

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    Part because I'm a completionist/collector (my void storage is filled with 8/8 T1, T2, T6, 5/5 T4-9, T12 (only 4/5 T10, T11 and T13 so far =\), and countless weapons), and part the competition with people in my guild. Part of that competition has died off as people come and go, the closest person to me is a DK with 515 points less. I'm hoping that I'll finish battlemaster to push me over the 14k mark before MoP (sitting at 13,905 right now), just having to struggle through WSG and EotS wins right now.
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    Personally I go thru spurts. I'll work on some for a few days then go play alts for a few days then go back to achievements. Now that they'll be account wide it'll be that much more fun to get these since I can do them on other toons now.

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    Currently I'm at 12775 points. Think it all started during a time I was bored after I have enjoyed quite a long time raiding with same grp f.e. I tried to get ach which I could get on my own because they weren't many interested in doing achievements and/or find a grp for different things it seemed. I went raiding in pugs since WOTLK. That's the reason why I have completed many ach late/never.

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    Simply like to collect things, want every achievement, reputation exalted, every pet, mount, legendary, tier set, you name it.

    Only at 14640 points atm tho, hope to reach 15k before MoP but that might be a hardcore wish ^^[COLOR="red"]
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    They are there, so I want them :P . Like many above, I just like to collect things and preferably doing them before guildies are able to. (sitting at the absurd 13990 points atm...)

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    Ive been an collector since vanilla, started with cool shirts/tabards then it just expanded, currently at 10070points

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    I switch mains too often I fear. Switched at 7k in WotLK, now the new main is up to 10k and I plan to switch again - so I just cannot be an achievement whore.

    Maybe accountwide achieves will change that....
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    Hitted 12k cap last night, it's cool way to kill time till next expansion comes :>
    And there's allways something to do this way, i lol at people who cry they just stand in sw and have nothing to do ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by GregDub View Post
    Hitted 12k cap last night, it's cool way to kill time till next expansion comes :>
    And there's allways something to do this way, i lol at people who cry they just stand in sw and have nothing to do ..
    Exactly, there's always something to do, people are just too lazy to leave SW/org to go out in the world and do something for themselves. I frequently run Sethekk, TK, started UP, got my kara mount, and probably in Mists I'll stop being lazy about the cata 5 mans with mount drops (as well as soloing alysrazor). In the old ZG I ran it biweekly on as many toons as could solo it to get the mounts (ended up getting both the raptor and tiger on my shaman and paladin :P). They don't want to have to think, they just want to be told what to do and be carried by their own gear/other people.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryken View Post
    I'm at 14730 with 50 achievements left to go... every one of them is Arena or RBG. I'm not -terrible- at PvP, but I doubt I'd get gladiator any time soon. Plus I don't think can commit to hardcore pvp schedules ><
    Huh? Idk about rbgs really, but at least the pro arena players spend very little time arena itself and the timetables are very flexible as only 2 other people are needed. If you are raiding which takes shit loads of time anyway, pvp schedules shouldn't be a problem to you, even the most serious rbg teams don't spend that much time on them and you can always just buy a rbg boost cheap.

    And to the topic, I collect achievements so I got something to do, since especially now in cata the content has been a bit lacking...

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    Just another goal/grind. Something else to do really.

    I grind alot of things, 14k achivements now, and this is just another grind. Now if only pvp achivements didnt suck so much I dont do arena or RBG's.

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    I do it to fill in time, alts I only want to take "so far", so eventually it all end up back finding things to do on the main.
    Almost out of non-PvP achievements to get, and I don't enjoy pvp enough to grind them so I'll be happy when all the tabs bar pvp are completed.

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    never got into the achievement scene. i play to raid and level alts to raid even more. past raiding, there's nothing else i feel like doing in the game.

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