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    I've changed mains a couple of times - and have had different chars for raiding than the one I considered my main. But I have passed 10k on my cata main now (and think I'll get another 1-2k with account wide achieves). I think achieves are great for giving me something to do other than run laps of Org/SW that actually have something tangible at the end.

    To the comment why not go do something IRL - if I'm only playing for 1-2 hours when I do play, and it isn't on a raid night it doesn't mean I should log off. Achieves give me something to do. Personally I don't run LFR (get all the raiding I need within guild and don't care/need the tiny upgrades for alts - alt raid will get there) and endless LFG is horrible...

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    I'm aiming for 9k Achievement points by MoP. Does seem much but it seems at times I struggle to get some easy points.
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    I feel mainly the same way as OP.

    I do achievements because i want to complete the game.
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    it sucks i can't wear my "of the alliance" title on my twink when he earned the most hks

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