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    /castsequence reset=6 Rising Sun Kick, Touch of Death
    Something like that probably.
    Tried it, after using RSK it just goes to a ''?'' keybind like a no #showtooltip macro does, and it gives no mention about touch of death nor does it change to the touch of death spell icon when RSK is used nor a cd timer on the keybind.

    Edit : got it straight from the source, thx for the help though
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    FluFF, it may well be a formatting issue or a typo. Unless I"m mistaken, it can even be case sensitive. Still, it's an odd macro to use and it may be tough to make it work regardless.

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    Closing this thread for archival purposes. A new thread is being created for the Windwalker PvE guide.

    edit: Bottled Fury: A Windwalker PvE Guide is now available.
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