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    It varies from female to female.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MouseD View Post
    <<<Female...Lady...Grandma with two grand's that kick your boots off boys.....I raid Heroic .....and I call bull on this its always the female causing drama ...I seen more males cause more crap storms in guilds then any female can.....I am one of the top officers of the Guild humppphhhh geeky ..bottle glasses geeks....also proud owner of the Title "Of the Alliance" and not far from next title at 250K honor kills.....don't cross my path on the battle field especially if your horde....
    Just to be fair, just because you raid does not mean you pull your weight. We have a female raider as well, in her late 30s. Nicest person in the world, and will bend over backwards to help, she is a huge boon to our guild as far as personality and hard work go... couldnt ask for a better guild mate. Raiding? She is the best guild in our guild, ilvl 408, and yet is by far the worst dps in our 10man. Constantly pulls less dps than even our ilvl395ers. Raids as not the optimum spec, but comes gemmed and enchanted and all the food buffs and pots, so we carry her.

    TLDR Just because you raid does not mean you arent being carried.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nah View Post
    >_> Didn't FTH die because they got fed up with WoW after they were banned for exploiting LFR?

    (e) Well, and to play SW:ToR. And they're back raiding now, as far as I know.
    Yes, and they generally got tired with the game. I don't think it had anything to do with a girl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nah View Post
    >_> Didn't FTH die because they got fed up with WoW after they were banned for exploiting LFR?

    (e) Well, and to play SW:ToR. And they're back raiding now, as far as I know.
    Yep sorry. It was Death and Taxes and taxes.. i fixed my post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 0mni View Post
    Very true. A person's dedication to something is based solely on themselves, not on gender. So more guys happen to be in those guilds, that doesn't make any girls any less skilled.

    So based on your bro-science, every girl must suck, want to fuck the guild leader, be a healer, and generally craves attention. It must be true based on your limited experience, right?

    There's nothing realistic about it. This debate is just as mentally retarding as "Why are all guys the same?!" kind of bullshit. Just because the girls you've played with suck doesn't mean all girls you play with from now until you die will be carbon copies of those girls. It's just as stupid as generalizing based on race, age, etc.
    It's not stupid actually, its a solid recruitment policy that has worked for nearly a decade.

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    Just because that guild discriminates, don't assume others restrict by gender. That's ridiculous. I've been part of 2 separate HC raiding guilds now. Both with many active female raiders. Remember, Blizzard will allow you to say no females if you want in your little club, but smart guilds no the way to recruit is to find the best players, regardless of gender.

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    My 10 man has 3 women, we just recruited a 4th one. I really don't see why it would be a problem.

    I have seen this once on our server that a guild specified no woman. To be honest, those people must just not like the idea woman could outperform them.
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    Typically women are just like their male raiding counterparts, but we all have been jaded by the hair twirling attention wh-re who looks to be carried through raids and then puts on her baby voice asking everyone in vent if she can need xyz boss drop

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    I wouldn't want to join anyway with that cell phone rule.

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    Honestly even better would be to ask people to "tell us about yourself as a raider" and I'd just filter out anyone who mentions gender or age or anything like that as if it's relevant to raiding. People who are constantly trying to bring real life unrelated things into it are drama whether they're male or female.

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    Everyone's still trying to make this a "omg. Stereotyping and discriminating against womenz" thing. I still stand that, women are fine raiders. Some women are loot whores, but not all. But the problem is guys acting like idiots when there are women raiding with them. :/ If someone doesn't want to deal with that, oh no?
    Quote Originally Posted by Tzzentch View Post
    honestly what happened in BC? it's like the 60's of WoW everything is in awful colours, shit doesn't make sense and i feel like i'm trippin bawls everytime i level an alt past 58...
    Shattarath is kinda pretty but outside is a technicolor nightmare that looks like someone tied horses to the contrast slider and fired a rifle

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    Some women believe that they are entitled to everything due to their gender (raid spot, loot, etc) and some guilds don't want to risk that. Yes, it's stupid to to generalise every woman based on that, but it's their choice to do so.

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    Not like they can't do that if they don't want. I've seen a lot of drama over girls in guild over many years in the past, most of which occurred in BC. And I have also seen multiple instances of girls actually getting carried on hardcore teams because they flirted with literally everyone. Can be quite annoying. Obviously not all females who play the game are like this, and I am not saying they are. But one of the easiest ways to eliminate quite a bit of drama is just to use that rule, not that I agree with it.

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    From MY experience, girls are really bad dds. That has to do a lot of character since in a top raid, you need to throw in everything possible and this also means risking something.

    I've had girls that were GREAT healers. So i'd not say that girls are bad raiders, they just need to take it serious - what most girls simply don't do. I'm talkigna bout the type of player like ' oh i did 10% less damage, but the boss was down, so what do you want from me?'. But as a healer, they often don't look at healing metres and try to save everyone.

    But i don't think that#s the main problem for those guilds. I already heard very often stuff like the guild leader trying to involve his girlfriend into raiding, giving some pretty nightmare girl friend terror.

    So i suppsoe those guilds simply had some very bad experiences with female players. My 25m top 100 raid never had more than 3 girls in his raid. Sometimes only 1.
    But mainly due to the lack of good female applications.

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    would like to add that even in my current guild females are treated like gods.
    none raider girls get late night 10mans to get them mounts before main raiders and what not. I cant be bothered looking for another guild atm and things are going good for myself but not as much as i want it to be. but yeah thats the main point. always some officer/gm or their rl friends get a secret crush on a girl and things magically start happening for that girl(s) and they get priority over loyal raiders.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kakokun View Post
    Is anyone else bothered by that cellphone rule too?
    yeah i think the cell phone rule is a bit over the top , i mean say your hanging out with some real life friends and your phone goes off , then you say to your mates " hey sorry guys i got to go , my guild needs me to come and tank deathwing " . I think that would make you look like a right prick. At the end of the day its just a game even if your raiding HC mode or normal. As far as the female rule goes , i'm happy to say that the guild i am in , the GM is a female and in our raid team1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sulfuric View Post
    It's not stupid actually, its a solid recruitment policy that has worked for nearly a decade.
    How can you tell if it works if you've never experienced what it's like with the rule not in effect?

    I could run a company just fine not hiring any minorities and say, "Well, my policy works just fine, I've had no problems." Or I could hire minorities and "risk" (because oh lawdy they're gonna start so many problems) having a problem. If there's no problem, it still works.

    Here's the issue. Meet John and Sally. John and Sally are both mages, both ilvl 397 and both aren't very good at the game. John and Sally both attend all the raids in the same fashion, but both pull pretty shitty DPS. The raid leader speaks to both of them separately and they both throw hissy fits. When the raid leader talks to John and he throws a hissy fit, John gets gkicked, what an ass. When Sally does the same thing, Sally THE GIRL gets gkicked, man bitches cause so much trouble in guilds always being whiny and what not.

    See the difference? Being the minority in gaming, when you do something wrong as a female, it sticks differently in a person's head. John is just John, whatever, but Sally will always be THAT GIRL that sucks, instead of simply, that mage. See what I mean?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azshalorah View Post
    I have been browsing the WoW forums as of late, to try and find a guild for MoP. I have stumbled into a LOT of guilds flat out saying they won't recruit any females. Here is a quote from one guild in particular....

    Now everything except for the 'no females' on that list I can understand. Can someone please enlighten me on this subject?


    Your post and the seven pages of responses answers itself. Pure and simple. Drama. Had you not posted your knee jerk reaction to how dare a guild not want your uber femaleness in their guild there would have not been seven pages worth of reasonable excuses for why they would choose to do so interspersed with responses from the female populace becrying how wrong it is.


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    Some guilds just have terrible recruiting methods too so it's easier to just stereotype. That's why we make stereotypes. Because it's easier than thinking.

    Learn about the personalities of your raiders. Recruit people who refuse to be carried. Recruit people who are competitive. Recruit people who see someone in similar gear of the same class outperforming them as a problem that needs to be solved. Recruit people who research. Recruit people who don't make excuses for themselves. Recruit people who don't believe that you need full HC gear to do adequate dps. Recruit people who actually want to raid and would still raid even if raids didn't drop gear.

    There are still important things besides "has mic, has hc experience, has no life." You have to realize a lot of people looking for a new guild are people who were a terror in their old guild.

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    maybe they had bad exp with females in the past or just want to make anti-woman jokes in raiding.
    just ignor them and get another (better) guild

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