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    Never seen a guild that refuses females, quite the opposite tbh.

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    Yea and 90% of statistics are made up on the spot. geeeze, I know plenty of high end female raiders. Maybe the GM and leaders of these guild do not understand how to treat people of the opposite sex and rather not interact with females.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woobels View Post
    Most actual decent HC guilds do recruit females, don't assume things just because of one guild.
    Shitstorm incoming.
    What Woobels said. After going through recruitment rules, application and whatnot for several years I personally have never seen a guild straight up refuse females.
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    Because they block the adrenaline needed to dps with their uterus's. Obviously.

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    Whew...what a shitty req that guild list is. Id love to know what guild site you copy pasted from.

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    They expect at least 1/8 HC to join and you think that qualifies them as hardcore?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bovan View Post
    What Woobels said. After going through recruitment rules, application and whatnot for several years I personally have never seen a guild straight up refuse females.

    To be perfectly honest, as I said in one of my previous posts, I have been raiding since vanilla, and have NEVER seen it either. Seems to be a trend going for a few at least for MoP. I am not saying ALL HC raiding guilds are like this, I am just wondering why there ARE HC raiding guilds like this.
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    They tend to be overemotional and cause unneeded drama. There's also the biological deficiency that plagues them once a month.

    Speaking from experience and not just agreement. Probably could list the amount of players I have raided with in my 7 years that were female, could definitely count them on one hand, and four out of the five were dramatic and whiny. One was not only anything but this, but also a superb player and I believe still raiding as a MT in one of our servers top guilds. Our bears sometimes cross paths.

    I also found that those same 4 were part of the guild(s) purely due to partners also being there.. this led to such situations where we would lack 2 players at a time rather than one, cause even if they were available they would refuse to raid/sit on alts as there SO's weren't online.

    And of course lastly, as mentioned, knowing a female is 'watching' so to speak it can bring out the worst in some players, even mature ones you wouldn't expect it from. Whatever the reason.
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    Usually there's always drama around them

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    We have several female players and we are 3rd on our server (although I know some people who would say being 3rd on Doomhammer-EU isnt a big accomplishment...I think it is :P)

    We've had lots of female players through the years and pretty much all of them were great players
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zues View Post
    They expect at least 1/8 HC to join and you think that qualifies them as hardcore?
    No, but its better than your LFR people.

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    I think you're looking at the wrong sorts of guilds. Women can't play wow? When paragon were at some kinda gaming convention they appeared to have 3-5 women amongst them. Sure, some of them looking like raging lesbians and I wasn't sure about 2 of them but I'm certain there was at least one.
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    I dont care if they [gays] are allowed to donate [blood], but I think we should have an option to refuse gay blood if we need to receive blood.

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    Most of those regulations listed relate to drama issues. So that's likely the reason why.

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    They want to avoid drama. all the points on the list can and have caused drama.

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    Haha, agreeing with most of the posts here, some of the req.'s to join that guild...
    But on topic, I raid with a couple of females in my guild, and tbh they're just as good as any of the male players in the guild. The whole "they'll cause drama around males" thing is mainly caused by what personality the male raiders have in the first place.

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    In my experience, they don't. I've been recruited to plenty HC guilds where gender wasn't an issue an all. In fact, I was asked a couple of times if I was certain that I wanted to join a guild with a bunch of horny teenagers, and that they'd understand if I wanted to back out. :P I don't see why any decent guild would bar potentially good players from their raids just because of gender, but I guess sexism is everywhere (that goes for female-only guilds too.)

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    I've been in a few guilds with females, and I know a lot of women that play in HC guilds. It has worked fine for us just like anything else. Except one guild where our GM had the hots for a chick and they showed up like 10-20 mins late for raids because they were skyping or some shit.

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    Because most of them are the cause of huge drama in guilds and lead to a few members leaving, some on the other hand are very good raiders (girl I used to raid with was probably the best player I've played with) but the majority cause drama.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eliandal View Post
    A bunch of horny basement dwelling emotionally stunted man-childs ! YOU do the 'math' (drama!!!)

    PS - this was in jest - back when we were actually raiding, we had an amazing bear tank, pally healer, tree healer and lock who were all outstanding!
    Good for you.
    I have been playing since the very start of WoW in Europe and I haven't met a single good female player. Not one. Not all of them were bad, most were decent but none of them was good.
    Most of the female players I have met were, for a lack of a better word, 'attention whores' (forgive me for that expression) and they were causing all sorts of trouble.
    Maybe certain guilds have had the same or similar experiences?

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    I am a female, in a heroic guild that have cleared 8/8. And i have always been one of the best healers in the guild.
    I've been raiding end game since TBC .. and come across some pretty stupid stuff like "oh you wont get this item becuase you are a girl, girl doesnt play for real!" but never come across being denied a guild spot because im a girl.

    But most female raiders have gotten some bad reputation becuase of all the drama queens and attention whores out there. Sad but true.
    In general, dont even bother with guilds that refuses people based on gender.
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