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    If "maturity" was really a concern for them, they wouldn't care one way or the other about gender. That guild sounds like they're probably terrible in every possible way, and no fun to be a part of.

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    Don't know if it has been said yet (and it probably has) but:

    A. Distractions
    B. Drama
    C. Influence

    I'm not saying every girl that plays WoW is a manipulative drama queen, however I have seen multiple scenarios where a girl has been the direct source of one or more of the issues listed above.

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    Causing lots of drama.

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    My guild is run by a female. She isn't in our main raid team but she is a very awesome guild leader. She is often discriminated against anytime she has to take action like kicking a player who was breaking our guild rules or perhaps giving a player a demotion because they weren't fulfilling the duties of where they were promoted to etc. She has had death threats, been called a tyrant by probably 20 people she has had to kick, all of which were good reasons to kick a player. (Stealing from guild bank, disrespecting fellow members by insulting them, etc.). I am also a female, and she made me officer a while back because I was always on, participating, helping some of the lower level guild members with group quests, always stocking the guild bank, etc. I was one of two officers on at the time on an incident and when I ended up kicking the member because he was causing MAJOR guild drama which we don't tolerate (he was angry because he didn't sign up for the guild LFR we run weekly and was upset no one wanted to run with him the next day because everyone had already gotten loot and couldn't roll for him for gear...very lame so he started insulting everyone he could). When I finally just kicked him he lashed out at me...not the male officer who he was also talking to in whispers calling me every name he could think of that was discriminatory towards females etc.

    But the nice thing about my guild is none of them are major horn dogs when it comes down to there being girls in the guild. We have often had the majority of members online at one time being female and no drama has come out of it. Most of us are married and older women (21+) and aren't attention seeking or anything like that. At the moment I am the only female on our 10 man HM raiding team...and yes...I am a healer But my husband is on the team. I will say it was quite funny when I went to my first raiding "try out" back in firelands after I had taken a break from the game for a few months. I said hello in vent and everyone suddenly became quiet and one ballsy man starts saying, "Well hello there little lady" and he had this great country accent and everything to go along with it. My husband was in the vent at the time and he just starts shaking his head. And then a few others were saying hello to me, one guy commented on how adorable I sounded...then my guild leader stepped in and said I was the tanks wife lol. It was cute. But no one has ever been disrespectful to me or any other female in my guild.

    Just last night we were raiding in DS and we were all having a great time. I try to keep the raid interesting during down time since there are a few of us who never take the full 10 minute break we take after 5/8. And we'll get in there and goof off on the gunship. I play a priest so a lot of times I life grip people off the edge and stuff...just for fun Guild bank pays for repairs and I have a jeeves so I don't feel too bad. At the start of raids I like to stand behind the entrance portal when we are inside and I life grip my fellow guildies through it when there are alliance out there ganking lol. It's the best to hear their reaction on vent when it's real quiet you just hear them say, "Ahhhh no waaay!" and they always laugh cause they never expect it to happen. Though the hunter always gets me back my misdirecting the first trash pull onto me.

    Some people think females cause drama in game and that can be true. I raided with a 16 year old canadian girl who was always causing guild drama between 2 or 3 guys who liked her (we lost 3 of our main raiders because of her). It got to a point where our whole guild fell apart because she was always bringing in drama to the guild. Sucks but it happens to the best of us. Our new guild has been drama free and anytime we get members, male or female, who enjoy drama we just kick them. The way I see are just as bad as the women who cause drama because in most cases it wasn't just the girl causing drama, but the guy as well. And for the females who are sexually harassed we do our best to help them out but it can come to a point where you can see they like/crave the attention drama and at that point they need to go. After all, anytime I have ever been sexually harassed I put the player on ignore...if they continue I just report them to a gm and it usually gets handled from there. Most time I just stop hitting the ignore button though and just ignore the words on my don't give in they get bored and move on. Words on a screen can't hurt me, but if they break the rules I am sure to report them.

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    Unfortunately, ALL of the women I have raided with have all been horrible or mediocre at best. One girl caused great drama which caused an officer to kick out a few decent raiders. Once the guild leader got back and heard the stories, he not only invited the kicked raiders back, but he also removed the girl and the officer from the guild.

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    There's girls that can raid just as good if not bether than most guys in competitive raiding guilds.
    Then there's also girls who can play decent enough to raid at a respectable level, but are also out on attention-whoring from the male population in that guild, which causes unnecessary and unwanted drama.
    Some guilds in search of raiders just don't want to end up with a girl of the second group, most likely after having a bad experience with them in the past.
    So they just ban girls from their raiding team all together, and you can't really even blame them for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azshalorah View Post
    I have been browsing the WoW forums as of late, to try and find a guild for MoP. I have stumbled into a LOT of guilds flat out saying they won't recruit any females. Here is a quote from one guild in particular....

    Now everything except for the 'no females' on that list I can understand. Can someone please enlighten me on this subject?

    Well, in my guilds roster we have...4 raiding female players at the moment. And I would consider us relatively hardcore, we clear content prior to any major nerfs in general. You will find the average 'hardcore guilds' tend to have rules like this. There are some high end hardcore guilds that do, but generally proper hardcore guilds will take a good player if you are a) mature b) wanting to be 'the best' and c) not shit at the game.

    Its incorrect to say "the bulk of women are shit at WoW." since really, the same applies to men. Lets assume an 80/20% M:F Ratio using theoretical numbers of 1 million players. So 800k of those are men, and about 600k of them are wank at this game. Lets say 160k of the women are crap, sure its a larger % of the single gender, but most of those bellend players who play like shit in LFR you encounter rocking block gems as a DK - are male. They almost always will be.

    I've encountered all kinds of women in my time raiding though;

    The slut, the attentionwhore, the drama queen, the never says anything to hide the fact she's a girl until she admits it to you privately on vent, the general girl who just plays okay at the game, does her job but is nothing special, the good player, and the crushes the shit at men and women alike at her role style of player. There are all kinds of women who play this game, there are all kinds of men. But to answer the thread title. They don't, really in the norm, say no to females. If you want to look at proper hardcore raiding guilds over the years who are in the limelight. There has been women in Paragon, Ensidia, Method, FtH, Premonition etc etc.

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    I really hate answering this and I feel uncomfortable answering it, though I'm not sure how to explain my opinion. A lot of it has to do with sexist and it's the age range of 16-21. Yet, that age range of males can influence older, immature men who have no authority over themselves. Agree or disagree, but males are flaky and considered drama queens more so than females. I know plenty of women who outplay males in whatever the role may be - this includes feral dps. Any raid I've been in with a female, they're focused and you have a bunch of twits talking in Ventrilo about gear upgrades or something that doesn't make any sense (if with a pug group).

    Male or female, female or male it doesn't matter who comes first or who comes last, everyone is entitled to prove themselves. Anyone can be a drama queen, it depends how emotional one can get it. OP: I honestly wouldn't let it get to you. Keep looking for a guild and you'll find one. That guild needs to remove the whole "no female" requirement, because it's complete bullshit in my book. They should honestly delete this thread because that's all it's doing is bringing out epeen emos (not direct toward you, OP).
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    Because they are terrible at games, annoying, and cause drama. A large majority of them.

    It's not worth it to sift through the trash and find a gem.

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    Is anyone else bothered by that cellphone rule too?
    My phone is like... for friends, family and work only. Not for people I simply am in a guild with ._.
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    Paragon have female so not every guild doing this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lethee View Post
    My phone is like... for friends, family and work only. Not for people I simply am in a guild with ._.
    This no phone rule is also silly. I'm not being paid to raid in said guild. I understand progression needs focus of every raider, though it's just a game and not a job. With that being said, I'll do as I want freely.
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    That's one really stupid guild (you should name and shame them really), all of the progression guilds I've ever seen or been involved in have had female members. Generally more than the casual guilds I used to be in.

    Quote Originally Posted by chrth View Post
    They raid without healers?
    Hahaha :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venziir View Post
    Because they can? Not a good reason I know - but it's their guild, their rules.
    Pretty much.

    And one guild doesn't represant ALL guilds.

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    Like Bob Marley said - No woman, no cry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MisterMxyzptlk View Post
    Ok let me brake it down, Ether they are sexist or more likely they are a bunch of guys who know they cant control their collective pants, and Women + err "amorous" male = drama often.
    yea its stupid of them but i see why they would.
    iv seen guilds fall apart after ages of being like top on the realm due to X broke up with Z, Z rages, guild sides with X or Z guild splits apart
    I repeat is stupid to exclude based on gender. if you are really worried about that do interview to determine the maturity of players male or female before you let them in!
    also please note I'm not implying in any way that all men can not control them selves or that men are the only ones who can't, I'm just saying it happens
    This, it pretty much sums it up. It could've been said a lil' better but it doesn't need to be.

    There's nothing wrong with gamers who are girls (GIRL GAMERS on the other hand, the ones shouting out at every moment that they are a GIRL who plays GAMES...that's a different story).
    But as the above person says and as I've experienced myself over the years since Vanilla. I believe the MAIN reason is that girl(s) + guys in a guild always risks relationship. So many guys want a girlfriend who play games it's no wonder it's hard to resist. But considering that alot of hardcore guilds/players (me included) takes raiding seriously there's no wonder why the whole "let's not invite a gurl 'cause she might go all drama on our asses" came to be. Same as why it's common-sense to not have a relationship with anyone at your workplace.
    Don't go saying I can't compare WoW HARDCORE Raiding to work, because sometimes it truly is.

    I'd say it's stupid to put "If you're a female (woman is a less sexist word imo) don't bother to apply".
    Cause if they're really fucking great players I believe it's worth that risk.

    I'm also not saying there are no risks with inviting guys to the guild, tons of guys are assholes,dramaqueens douchebags or just fucking stupid. But considering one of the greatest risks (relationship drama etc with woman) is easily avoided with one simple rule "No women in the raid team", I'm not surprised that people do it.

    Also it doesn't make sense for a TON of guysin this thread to go all white-knight and say "BUT I AM NOT SEXIST, WE LOVE FEMALES IN THE GUILD.".
    You won't get laid here anyways so please stop embarassing us all.

    Pretty sure I got all I wanted to say, even though I said that MisterMxyzptlk summed it up pretty well I just felt a need to clean it up.

    hurr durr
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    If those HC raiding guilds want 'mature' people and they can't raid with girls then they aren't that mature are they?

    I'm a girl myself and we have 2 other females (currently) in our group. They are both good, but I do notice that one of them, most of the time refuses, to do anything different then dpsing. When she started out on our group a few months ago and we asked her to pay attention to a certain aspect of a certain fight (cant remember what) she said 'no I can't do it, I'm a girl.' I said excuse me? I'm a girl and I can perform any role in any raid (almost) perfectly, that is a shit excuse. I don't know why we kept her but w/e, she is good at dpsing I give her that. She also takes our raidleader in a seperate vent room to 'talk things over', I have no idea what shes telling him and what kind of shit excuses she comes up with.

    Yes I do agree that the majority of the girls you see in WoW are attention whores, but don't forget that in a random dungeon or even in a guild you never know if it's a guy or a girl. Some girls intentionally keep their gender to themselves to avoid the shit they might get, including me. Maybe the attention whores you see are only 10% of the total female playerbase.

    I did a low lvl dungeon on my now deleted warrior a long time ago where the topic being spoken was female wow players. They kept saying stuff like girls shouldnt play, they suck. I then had to dispute them because that's just unfair... Just because you've seen the 1 or 2 girls that manipulate the nerdy guys to get what they want doesn't mean that all girls are like that.

    I suppose you could also turn the topic around and ask yourself, do you want guys in your raid that can't handle female presence?

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    I'm not trying to generalize here, it's just from my own experience. The women i know (and i mean ALL women i know) have to go to the toilet way to often. Like, every 30 Minutes. The guys i know do not have this problem. And if a guild is all about progression, i don't think they want to take a break every 30 minutes because someone needs to pee

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    attention whores + drama queens + don't accept feedback, and always takes it in a personal way.

    every rule has an exception of course

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    You get stupid male players. You get stupid female players.

    The amount of generalising in this thread is terrible. No. Just, no. Men are just as likely to cause guild drama. It seems to me as if drama caused by women is put into a league of its own.

    No wonder so many female players are forced to pretend they're men, or refrain from communicating at all. Simply correcting somebody when it comes to their gender is enough to cause this 'drama', where the boys go nuts at the knowledge there's a girl amongst them, and then the girl is ostracised and banned from raiding because the boys can't keep their mouths shut?

    People need to stop mindlessly generalising.
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