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    Signed up for 1 year for Beta/Mount/D3, and can cancel early

    I just went to change my card for my sub since I have a new card I'll be paying with, and I noticed that my sub can be cancelled now, when prior to this, it said I couldn't until early January.

    Anyone else have this option?

    A few months back it let cancelled for me on accident because I didn't realize the card I had been using had no funds in that account, and instead of over drafting that account, it just cancelled my sub for me, but I reactivated it the following day when I caught it.

    So yeah, I found that kind of weird that I'm able to get out of it a month early.

    Did I miss something about them announcing they are doing away with tying us up for a year?

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    Not sure if its based on 1 year or based on billing cycle and you hit the mark with 12 billing cycles
    Ideally no one has ever hit the level cap of the last expansion, looked at their dungeon blues, and thought "I win."


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    I just checked, when my account gets paid on the 13th, I'll have only paid for 11 months total. Strange.

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    I think I remember something to effect you can still cancel at any time, but if you cancel before 12 months they take away diablo 3 access (unless you unlocked it with something else).

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    You can cancel at anytime hell I did so i can pay a different way and i still had d3.

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    I have a friend that prematurely canceled his Annual Pass and got his D3 locked.

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