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    Why do HC raiding guilds say 'no' to females?

    I have been browsing the WoW forums as of late, to try and find a guild for MoP. I have stumbled into a LOT of guilds flat out saying they won't recruit any females. Here is a quote from one guild in particular....

    Do not bother applying if you are any of the following:
    1. Immature
    2. Under the age of 21 (anything under will require an extensive verbal interview)
    3. Female
    4. Have a *%%!ty mic
    5. Have no cell phone (or own one and don't respond)
    6. Care more about loot than progression
    7. Looking to raid more than 12 hrs a week
    8. Left your last guild because of loot
    9. Looking to get carried
    10. Don't know the in's and outs of your class
    11. not 1/8 DS HM Minimum
    12. Not have an authenticator
    Now everything except for the 'no females' on that list I can understand. Can someone please enlighten me on this subject?

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    You know, 90% of female players in wow are just horrible raiders...There's your answer.

    Please keep it clean and avoid generalizing genders
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    Most actual decent HC guilds do recruit females, don't assume things just because of one guild.
    Shitstorm incoming.

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    i'll admit that its a massive generalisation, but some players think that girls can cause trouble in guilds full of geeky guys who don't get non =p

    there was quite an interesting thread a while back about people opinions on if female players tend to cause more in game drama etc

    sometimes its just because the GM is female and doesnt want the competition over the men they enjoy manipulating =p

    Edit: after re reading my post i thought i should further emphasise that its not my opinion - although i've had my fair share of dramas in games within guilds that have been caused to exasperated by female players - but at the same time i've raided with many top notch female players!

    - point being girls can be just as shitty as guys =p

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    Because they can? Not a good reason I know - but it's their guild, their rules.

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    Well I don't kow anything about that particular guild, but I know lots of girls in heroic raiding guilds on my realm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woobels View Post
    Most actual decent HC guilds do recruit females, don't assume things just because of one guild.
    Shitstorm incoming.
    Sorry, I am not trying to start a 'shitstorm' as you put it. I am just looking for an answer. And it hasn't been 'just' that guild that has said it. I have found probably 10 or so saying the exact same thing over the last 2 weeks. I am genuinely interested in the 'why'?
    Words are a wonderful form of communication, but they will never replace kisses and punches. ~Ashleigh Brilliant

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    They raid without healers?
    You're not allowed to discuss conspiracy theories on mmo-champion, which makes me wonder what they're trying to hide.

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    First of all, it's no shame to use the words "women" or "girls" instead of some distant term like "females".
    The answer to the question itself is easy:
    they're always good for drama and the kind of nerds that play in serious guilds tend to get extremely stupid and childish with girls around.
    At least I experienced people making sexist comments all the time when girls are present like that made them look cool or something.
    And also girls taking extreme advantage of others and being attention whores.

    Take to this the fact that girls aren't necessary for raiding and you have your reason why some people don't like them in their raids.

    Let me ask a question as well: Why do people not want women around when they meet with their bros? Yea, because women aren't bros.
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    A bunch of horny basement dwelling emotionally stunted man-childs ! YOU do the 'math' (drama!!!)

    PS - this was in jest - back when we were actually raiding, we had an amazing bear tank, pally healer, tree healer and lock who were all outstanding!

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    Is anyone else bothered by that cellphone rule too?

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    They tend to be overemotional and cause unneeded drama. There's also the biological deficiency that plagues them once a month.

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    The answer here is simple

    Women = Drama

    I've seen it plenty of times where a menopausal woman will destroy a guild from the inside with bitching, passive aggressiveness and holding the raid group to ransom. Also there's the jealousy factor, girls can get protective of "Their boys" and be incredibly hostile towards other female raid members.

    Not saying all women are like this btw, but i have seen both situations multiple times
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    Doesnt matter if you raid 7 days a week. If you cant play your class you aint gonna kill shit
    My keyboard is broken

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    With so many guilds there are bound to be some female only or male only guilds, just like there are female only cs teams and whatnot. Point being? /thread

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    Going on personal experience I'm not sure,

    We have plenty of HC raiders here that are girls *Detonate - Khadgar EU*

    Ranging from all roles.

    I guess the general "Girls are bad at games" still stand for most people, quite sad really

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    Personally I just think that guild you linked at the top is a crap guild.

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    We got 4girls in our core team. no problem with that, we'd love to recruit more. BUt cant find any

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrth View Post
    They raid without healers?
    Haha, I agree. Most healers in game I know are female. :P However, I have been raiding since vanilla, have an extensive raiding background, and I guess when it comes to these comments, I do know exactly what you are referring to, but any female (including myself) has just shrugged it off and not said anything back and just plain ol' ignored
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    Because they often cause drama, or get guys to cause drama.
    iirc Ensidia used to be anti female, though then they got 2 or 3. but they were pure raiders, not dramaqueens or attentionwhores

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    We do? The three ladies in our 25man roster beg to differ. . .
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