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    Add Guild Wars 2/Arenanet time to Windows 7 clock

    On windows 7 you can add clock that shows Pacific time. This is the time ArenaNet seems to use for all event announcements, so we will need this also in future.

    How to:
    On Windows 7, click on your clock and click “Adjust time/date”, click the “Additional Clocks” tab, check “Show this clock” on one of the additional clocks, set it to “(UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)”, and give it a name like “ArenaNet” or whatever. This will show you a clock that shows you Pacific time to remind you of the time difference between your time and ArenaNet’s whenever you click on or hover over your clock.

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    Anyone know of any countdown gadget with GW2 art for W7?

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    Neat little trick.

    I shall approve.

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    I just remember it as their time +9 hours

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    Considering I have quite a few RL friends (and several MMO servers) that were on that timezone, shifting one hour has never really been a big thing for me. But definitely cool for those people that live on like the other side of the world.
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