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    How do you feel about GW2 PvP?

    I wanted to make a post to see what everyone else thought about the PvP for GW2.

    Personally for me, it feels like a complete mess. This latest stress test made me lose a lot of my excitement for PvP.

    I watched a Necromancer pull about 5 minions out at 1 time. Add Ranger pets and Engineer machines to this, along with players running around and you have a whole lot of stuff going on, oh and the mesmer illusions as well.

    I watched and participated in a fight between 4 teammates against 1 enemy guardian, the guardian killed 2 teammates before we killed him.

    As much as I like Anet moving away from the tank, healer, damage mechanic, I think everyone having a short CD heal as well as other classes having heals kinda ruins PvP. It feels like people live entirely too long and if you have someone using their other healing abilities while the enemy team doesn't have someone using them, your at an advantage. For me, that is what made playing my class so special. I knew my role and me and only 1 or 2 others were able to do it, I was needed for something. Now that is not the case.

    The game hasn't released yet, so obviously I will see how things go from then on, but so far it just feels like there is WAY too much going on and fights take way too long.

    This is not a post for agreeing or disagreeing or arguing, it is here to just say what you feel about PvP in Guild Wars 2 at this time.

    Thanks for reading :P

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    I hate the massive emphasis on RNG for some builds (33% chance to refresh CD, 10% chance to apply one of several conditions, crit specs), but other than that it's the best MMO PvP combat I've played.

    The downed state I dislike, but I can learn to deal with it. I'd also prefer, at least for hot-join, to have more than just conquest. Until I played GW2, I never liked conquest. Even with it done so well in this game, it's still borderline "meh" for me.

    There's some map imbalances and bad designs, such as Battle of Khylo not being symmetric and the useless secondaries and snowballing on Legacy of the Foefire, as well. I hope they fix those.

    I'd like dueling and spectator mode for tournaments as well. Spectator I know is a confirmed feature at least.

    Hmm... that's about it. Overall, still incredibly fun and it has a serious shot compared to other MMOs at actually being an eSport.
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    Please use the following for all general PVP discussion: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...and-Discussion


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