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    Guardian VS warrior dilemma. Need some insight please

    Hello GW2 community!

    Quick background. Never played GW2. Have a close friend who has played all betas. wants me to play. so i will play.

    I want to play a heavy armor, 2 hander wielding, in your face, fuck shit up class. And that leads me to warrior and guardian. i would love to play either i just need some insight and have a few questions for the community, and those who have played both classes.

    WARNING! this is NOT a "what class should i play" thread. im only asking for insight.

    So first off guardian. aesthetically pleasing. i dig the whole holy warrior support type class. But my question is, does it feel TOO supporty? do you feel if left a lone you would have trouble killing something? does wielding a fat 2handed sword just WRECK? or do u feel like a cheap wannabe version of a warrior. And the biggest thing, how is the ranged abilities with guardian? i havent seen much of it, and i dont want to be in a situation where im in a huge like 40V40 and i cant do much sitting in the back because i have VERY limited ranged attacks, and going to the front lines is suicide.

    Second warrior. I love the up in ur face, smash u with my mace or sword, super crazy damage fuck shit up type reckless playstyle of warriors. I also like the potential that the ranged warrior has. i feel like u wouldnt have much trouble chillin in the back shootin some fire arrows and pumpin some lead in to a group of enemies. But my question is, does the warrior feel SO offensive, you would have trouble keeping urself up? does it feel like u go in, wreck a couple guys, and just get pummeled because you have no defensive type abilities?

    TL;DR: Basically what im asking is does the guardian feel so supporty ur dmg is gimped and u cant hold ur own? and is there good ranged potential? or are u forced to be on the front lines to really do anything.
    And does the warrior feel so offensive that is lacks any sort of defense? or does it feel like a very well rounded type warrior, where if ur in a bind, u dont have to rely on other people so much.

    Also i apologize if im asking the wrong questions. been playing wow since classic and ive heard GW2 is completely diff in terms of playstyle. have to go in with a diff mindset. Thank you in advance!!
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    No one will choose the class for you, if you have questions you can go to the specific threads of the classes. Im closing this down ~Zil

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    If you would like to discuss Warriors or Guardians please use their respective class threads:


    Thanks & smooches!


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