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    Can't decide whether to get GW2 or not. Help?

    I wasn't a big fan of the first one, and I realize that this one is completely different except for maybe the story. I still however can't decide whether to get it or not. Can you guys convince me on it? I've looked it all up and done research but I'm still not sold.

    I've got plenty of money to blow so that's not an issue, and my computer can handle any game. So basically I'm just not sure if I would actually be devoted to it as much as I would WoW. Which honestly I'm bored as hell with at the moment, and I'm not really sure I'll even pick up MoP. I'm just needing new games to play, and I figure no subs is a major plus.

    My main concern is I bought into the hype of Warhammer, Rift, and Tera which they all disappointed the hell out of me. I don't want this to be one of them that I have to add to the list.

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    Other games have been hyped, other games have been disappointed, other games have been great. Cool. Unfortunately, no one can tell you whether or not you'll enjoy the game. That's completely not objective. Coming into a third-party pseudo-fan thread and asking if it's worth it is not the best way to make an informed decision, whether valid or not.

    That said, there's plenty of information in the MASS INFO stickied thread here. And if you have any specific questions, we'd be more than happy to answer.

    Until that time, I wish you the best.
    Thread closed --Kel
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