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    I feel like the Human/Orc lost because they weren't using real weapons. At least the monk had a more monk like weapon. The human had a wood spear and a crappy machete? While the orc had something that was shaped like a mace.

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    Ok it's just bloody hilarious the looks on both Human and Orc faces....
    Congratulations Blizzard you did it again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black Kyurem View Post
    Was hoping for Sha :/
    This x100. The cinematic was O.K. but not as good as any of the other cinematics except vanilla, this was better. The big scary boss is what makes cinematics look really epic.

    Oh, and also, WTB Black 2 EU release !

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    Awesome trailer. Loved every bit of it.

    Was it a little cartoony/campy? Yeah. But that is a portion of Blizzard's modus operendi. Saying it's too "Disney" as someone above did... guess where they based that concept on? Other media that came before. It's not like Kung Fu Panda (which is Dreamworks btw, NOT Disney) invented everything to do with martial arts, and created many of the stereotypes we see. Hell, Jackie Chan, in MANY of his movies, aims to keep his environment undisturbed/undestroyed during fights, even putting things back as they get moved during it (despite someone inevitably breaking/destroying it ANYWAYS).

    It is traditional imagery that monks like things to be just perfect, everything in there place.

    As to the whole "Where is the big bad guy?!" - You saw em. Orcs and Humans. The War they bring to Pandaria. THAT is our big bad guy. Cause that War us causing the problems. It's not about a unified front against a common enemy. It is about dealing with each other. You won't see it AS much in launch content (5.0), but it will escalate in each patch, as it goes from expeditionary forces (5.0), to full military might.

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    I didn't like it much either, don't get me wrong, the animation and all was very impressive as always!
    I think it needed a bit magic, there were no spells even cast in the whole cinematic, I like magic :-(
    As also stated, I'd like to see just SOME of the enemies we will meet during MoP, to me it felt like all there is on that island, are the Pandarens.

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    Loved it! Brb, watching again.

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    Certainly far from the best WoW trailer.

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    incoming Dreamworks lawsuit

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    very nicely done =) reminds me of kung-fu panda and pirates of caribbean and wow

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    LOL funny how a lot of you were so super hyped about this and now are like "WOW that was shit..." It was really well done and actually is one of the better ones imho. Not as good as LK of course, but it's 2nd best for me.

    This is why we don't over-hype things kids I'd also be willing to bet all of the "WoW is dead for me" people are still subbed and have pre-ordered MoP and are going to play it. Just stop expecting SOOO much all the time and actually appreciate things every now and then. It's okay to be positive and not grumpy and negative all the time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valort View Post
    Nothing shows the alliance vs horde conflict more than a human giving an orc his weapon to fight someone who is trying to break up their fight.


    Don't be such a hater over a lil bit of comedy.
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    I must admit, I'm impressed. I like that the tone is less dire and serious that the last ones - it somehow fit much better with the universe. WoW has never taken itself 100% serious and this Cinematic kinda reflects that.
    Also, Orc vs Human, totally going back to the roots

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    The complainers seem to have one thing in common; they all want the same thing every day. They're so... black and white. Boring.

    This expansion marks a lighter-themed experience that we haven't had in a long time. Quite frankly, I'm sick of the constant "UNDED N DRAGUNZ LUL" that's been in WoW forever. MoP is a different expansion, and I think it will be great.

    This cinematic was awesome, I liked it very much. I think it has just the right balance of serious and comedy. I also think people are too obsessed with looking at what's in front of them... and not what's beyond that.

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    Totally not what I was expecting- Like others say i expected some Sha or something maybe I guess. Happy there is no central "baddie" though and the Animation and textures were freaking awesome. A++ in my book.

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    I like it. I like how they bring those "Why do we fight?" "What is worth fighting for?" out here. As I see it, there is point why they are asked. Move up with the storyline and find out why we fight? Not just mindless war for "honor" and such. Really nice!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BLSTMASTER View Post
    Obviously, the Pandaren (Chen?) only won because he was level 90, while the human and the orc were still level 85
    When people started complaining about the Pandaren beating them so easily this crossed my mind. Jokingly, but still.

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    Loved it. Awesome.

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    This trailer is awesome! And haters gonna hate.

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    This reenstills some confidence in blizzard.

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    Is this the correct video? Here I thought I was watching Kung Fu Panda.

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