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    My jaw dropped. This took me back to the Vanilla cinematic with the horde and alliance at war. I got a bit tired of all the cinematics featuring the big bad guy (They were amazing for sure but 3 expansions in a row... got old). I found this extremely refreshing and it suits the expansion perfectly.

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    /opinions on
    I went to watch this cinematic with low expectations, as I've had mixed feelings on most of the things that have been changed/are coming for MoP (A few misconceptions have been rectified in favour of the game though!)

    And I thought it was good.

    Pure and simple.

    It wasn't on par with "YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!", but I don't think any WoW related ever will. Illidan was a character loved by many and it was the cinematic for the first expansion to a relatively new and extremely popular game (the latter part still holds true).

    It wasn't on par with the Lich King cinematic, which once again held the benefits of featuring possibly the best known villain/(al)most most developed character of the series. Furthermore World of Warcraft was still shining in the sunset of TBC when that launched.

    But the way the Orc and the Human interacted just made me smile like nothing else has in a long time. Heck I am one of those people who thinks MoP is looking too silly (One of the reasons I've been tentative with my purchase), but people getting mad over that scene where the dumbfounded human hands the dumbfounded orc his makeshift spear, come on.

    And finally it's Chen Stormstout! I don't know about you guys, but suddenly I was back in my Warcraft 3 Nostalgia mode. It was awesome to see him again. I don't even mind there not being a big baddy villain (yet) anymore, this expansion looks like it is going back to some of the roots of the Warcraft games, namely adventuring.

    I still have my reservations about Mists of Pandaria and I did not think this cinematic was the best Blizzard has ever made, but I'll be damned if I call it bad. It was really good.

    /opinions off
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    The only thing missing from this cinematic was Buzz Lightyear

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    Quote Originally Posted by yashiro View Post
    Well made but tastless...good animations (the least they could do with all the tec avaiable in our days) but crappy music, crappy voices and crappy contend. Besides a fight that lasts for almost full trailer? wtf?This isent street fight or the presentantion of kong fu panda3.... To be honest its was disapointing in my opinion.
    Think of it as the fight representing the "other" key theme of the expansion, the war between Horde and Alliance.
    As we know there's no main villain, the war takes center stage.

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    For all you "kung fu panda lol" foks, you know my son watches Kung Fu Panda a lot, they are actually pretty good movies... Just saying

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    Very dull trailer. And it's so focused on combat. That will be a disappointing experience for new players, to see that dynamic, action packed combat scene.. then to log in and play with Wow's extremely limited and dated gameplay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kazureus View Post
    And is it me or is there something wrong with Orc proportions ? He looks longish and thin ...
    The proportions do look weird on both the human and orc, but this may be because of the intention to redo the models early on in the expansions development. Movies like the ones Blizzard produces do not come out of 10 hours of work. So perhaps we are seeing an early look at what the Orc and Human revamps could look like?
    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    Gold and the 'need' for it in-game is easily one of the most overblown mindsets in this community.

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    It's kind of funny that Chen broke up the fighting, and then the Human gave the weapon to the Orc and Chen smiled.

    Anyone else think he maybe wanted that to happen..Unity and all that?

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    They've outdone themselves again.

    Bravo !

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    Decent trailer. Stoked for MoP!

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    that was awesome! loved it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herecius View Post
    I think it's reasonable that one guy fresh and fully charged can take on two exhausted, shipwrecked warriors with makeshift weapons.
    He was also level 90, while the human/orc were clearly level 85s

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    Worst cinematic i've ever seen, as a long time wow player looking forward to xpac this actually made me not want to get it.

    GJ Blizzard.

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    I personally liked it. It got me excited for Pandaria so I'd call it a successful cinematic trailer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arkadeus View Post
    Not at all! There is NO epicness in this trailer at all
    And your opinion states facts amirite? -.- I thought it was pretty epic when he put the piece of wood back in its place with a face that said "stupid greenling destroying other peoples property like that".

    And since when has "childish" been something negative? We all enjoy something that is considered childish, how about playing games overall for example? Or how about grown ass men chasing a leather ball filled with air? We all have an inner child in us that wants and will come out now and then when it is suitable and there is nothing negative in that, if it doesnt suite you and your standards then dont do it whatever it may be.

    The trailer was okey and I look forward to the expansion even though imo BC trailer was the coolest of the ones they've made.
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    I don't get it. I've gone AFK a million times to blow my bf so he'd get off my back and let me raid. What's the problem here? People have sex...

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    This is a pretty good trailer. Not WoTLK good (theming, not because of big baddie), but it's definitely on the right track for what it's trying to portray in this expansion (and no, we don't need to know about the Sha yet; that part is when we play the game to find out). I can understand the trailer has it's faults, but the complaints for it are mostly laughable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BLSTMASTER View Post
    He was also level 90, while the human/orc were clearly level 85s
    And Chen Stormstout, to boot. I'd be pretty confused and disappointed if Chen lost to two exhausted warriors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyxxi View Post
    I liked it overall, amazing CG as usual. I think the only reason I like the previous cinematics more than this one was because I was hoping for something which I didn't get. Which is no fault of blizzards ofc :P

    I would have liked to see the Sha or the Mantid/Mogu at some point in it or perhaps sinister eyes in darkness at the end to hint at corrupted Garrosh.
    I wanted fun and adventure, not grim dark teenage stuff showing teeth. Here is fun, adventure, fantasy land and Chen: an amusing and epic guy.

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    Seems that as Cataclysm turned out to be a disaster, Kung-Fu panda gonna be a joke ...

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    Best WoW moment ever:

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