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    In statistics, you have to assume the sample is random. If it isn't, something was done wrong and therefore the results are not valid. That said, if you have a random sample size of 1500 people, it is large enough to represent 2 million people with a margin of error between 2 and 3 percent. You can disagree with that but you would be wrong.
    Actually, the mere fact you are assuming the sample is random increases the error margin.

    If you CONFIRM the sample is random, then the error margin is between 2 and 3 percent, which might be okay in an election sample, but wouldn't be acceptable in a scientific sample.

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    I believe the best choice is to visit your favourite forums and look and ask where people will go. There you can get suggestions on guilds to join as well.
    I got a server of choice, one guild invited me in BWE and there are a bunch of swedish guilds organizing and also my former Rift guild is going there... oh and well mmo champion guild. Dont know how representing a guild with main population on other servers work, if I get the buffs on my server as well or what happens, anyone can explain?
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    Since when is 8000 not a good sample size?

    No, it's not going to be perfectly accurate. It's a good indication, and you can can generalize. Sorrow's Furnace is pretty obviously going to be the hardcore PvP server, for example.
    As a hc competitive player, my friends and I will probably be joining Sorrows Furnace on head start day.

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    Allow me:

    I found that when I had to slap down a Ron Paul drone that swore the polls couldn't possibly be accurate because they only polled 1500 people or whatever.
    The biggest problems with polls are the questions.
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    I chose dragonbrand because I did the same thing when i first started WoW, I put all the server names into a hat and took one out
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    I don't have a set place to start tbh, got no friends that is going to play gw2 anytime soon.

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    Desolation getting really bloated. Damn, I might need to switch to something else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moralio View Post
    Desolation getting really bloated. Damn, I might need to switch to something else.
    Gandara is the 2nd unofficial UK server, you could play there if you don't mind the Guru community also being there.

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