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    Checking every morning, only the other drake i have had "luck" to find. ):

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    gf got it, i gave up after 30 sec or so

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    I had never checked for the TLPD before but I was on my way to Ulduar to put in some Algalon solo attempts. At the time I was using a really bad computer so I had view distance turned down, and when I went into storm peaks I decided to turn it up and I seen a different colored drake and was like "Nope." but it was.

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    After reading up on, I parked my main on the FL spawn spot and an alt on Brunn (in case he happened to head counter-clockwise from there to anyone camping the multipath). A couple people would camp just above FL (you can't see people sitting on the spawn spot from there) and others would fly laps-- unlucky for them. I skinned Vyras immediately and left stackers in the dark. I was able to determine a reliable spawn time expectancy with no one actively pushing rares and I snagged all but two Vyras while camping, both of which were confirmed via armory and both of which I expected to miss as I chose to be offline and take the chance. It took two weeks before TLPD meandered down from waterfall to FL. I actually saw a second TLPD earlier this week but it was dead. I've been doing tourney dailies and will do a quick fly-by with the intent to tag and kill on my better half's alt if I do find him again. Prior to my camp, I had never seen TLPD nor Vyra.

    I then moved on to Aeonaxx. I deliberately sat at a spot where I could pick up Aeo from 4/6 locations but be out of range for all Bloodseeker spawns. At one point, Xariona spawned so I hopped on a DK and solo'd her. Later that evening, I came back from the grocery store and NPCScan and SilverDragon shriek. There's Aeonaxx right in front of me on NW2. I click to mount and. . .he flies off with someone on him. Angry, I installed Autohotkey and set up a targeting macro to keep my character from being logged out (while I slept) with Mimiron set to yell if Aeo was targeted. Mimiron woke me up less than a day later. Both NPCScan and SD never sounded the alert despite my cache being clear. There he was, right back on NW2. I ran to the computer, killed the script and hopped on. A good morning indeed. If memory serves, I found TLPD at 3am EST on a Sunday. I saw my first Aeo a couple days later on Tuesday and I killed him myself on Friday. Very lucky. Like TLPD, I did not see him until I started putting in long hours.

    I'm now passively hunting for the camel. It has the same schedule on my server that I witnessed with Vyra/TLPD so I check every couple hours and after finding duds, wait until an hour before the usual window expectancy to look again, checking each subsequent hour after and always finding it by the third. I'd managed 12 duds in a row before Tuesday's maintenance and haven't seen any since. I'm not as dedicated with this one but I imagine I'll run into the real deal eventually. SD at least lets me know whether it's the real deal or not without needing to check the cache.
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    Time lost proto drake.. i get the name, how much time has been lost with this mount ? Farmed it, camped it, for days, with my main, without any luck. One day, while i was on my jewelcrafter alt, a friend of mine ask me to help him with a quest in stormpeak.. so i say why not, i'll go with this alt, it's not geared, but being 85 is enough for a stormpeak quest.. yep, i'm sure you know how that story ends... i'm so glad mounts will be account wide in a couple days !

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