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    Oh and wtf is a meatless chicken pattie?
    Morningstar Farms is a popular maker of vegetarian substitute meals. So they call it something like "Chik'N Nuggets" because it's similar in texture and taste to Chicken. So the MF Chicken Pattie would be meatless and resemble a real chicken pattie.
    You're not allowed to discuss conspiracy theories on mmo-champion, which makes me wonder what they're trying to hide.

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    Strength training should be followed by atleast 48 hours of rest for the muscle groups used to help prevent injury.
    You can achieve that by doing a 3 day split along the lines of chest/tri (monday) back/bi(tuesday), legs/shoulders(wednesday). By Thursday you can do chest and tris again and should have given the muscles enough time to repair. Could also just do a power lift routine monday with squat/chest/chin ups (with a few additional iso excercises thrown in) and then by Thursday do the same routine. You could then put in two days of cardio and hit 4 days of cardio with 2 days of lifting in a week.

    One thing NOT mentioned here is flexibility. You should look into take some sort of yoga/pilates/ tai chi class. All of these promote fluid movement in your body and will improve your flexibility and stability. From going from 240 down sixty pounds you are most likely still carrying the flexibility of your heavier self.
    This guy has it down, solid advice. Only thing I would change is I don't recommend doing legs with any other body part. Legs are, after all, half your body and they deserve a full day. Also, it's been said that doing legs twice a week can actually increase muscle gains. How true this is? I don't know. Having those core compound lifts in your routine are excellent. I would also recommend doing some dumb bell work to change things up and start building on those stabilizer muscles. That will go a long way to increasing your strength.

    You should check out and perhaps make an account. They have a lot of good reading material and could be helpful.

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    This is how I'd do it if I were you...

    Healthy diet (both carbs [from veggies & fruits & whole wheat] + proteins + healthy fats]) + Mostly cardio workouts (You should, however, try to lift some weights too).

    -Once you've lost you "non-needed" fat-

    Healthy diet (both carbs [from veggies & fruits & whole wheat] + more proteins + healthy fats]) + Mostly Muscle & Strength exercises.
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    Getting toned/cut is all about the 90% diet, 10% weight training. It's all about calories in vs calories out. You can over-eat "clean" food and you'll gain fat/muscle. It doesn't matter what you eat or what time, it's all about how much. If you don't have your diet down 100% you'll be that "strong" guy in the gym, who doesn't even look like they lift.

    Basically, you will not gain any significant muscle mass without eating a slight surplus of calories. You will gain noob gains, which is not anything significant. Noob gains wont get rid of your belly. Noob gains will be seen mostly on the shoulders/biceps/tricep/back. You wont get the look you're after just from noob gains on the chest/lower abdomen.

    You need to do 1 thing at one time. If you try and do both you'll just be spinning your wheels and get no where.

    1. Find out your TDEE:
    2. Figure out what you want to do, continue to lose some more weight? Then eat 20% under your TDEE
    3. If you want to start gaining muscle mass (and yes you WILL gain fat NO MATTER HOW CLEAN YOU EAT) eat 20% above your TDEE.

    You cannot build significant muscle mass without a slight surplus. You don't need to eat 10,000 calories a day. Just 20% above your maybe 150-300 or 500 calories extra a day.

    You don't need to just eat chicken/rice/broccoli all day. Google "If it fits your macros" ie "IIFYM"

    The only thing "clean" eating does is make it so you can eat more and feel more full, you don't need to shut out everything with a "unhealthy" label on it. As-long as it fits into your macros for the day you can eat it.


    30% of your calories for the day from proteins (meats,dairy) (or 1 gram of protein per pound of body-weight, this % will depend on your body stats)
    50% of your calories for the day from carbs (fruits,veggies,breads,rice,snacks,treats)
    20% of your calories for the day from fats (nuts,oils,butters, even a donut or 2 if it fits into your daily macro/calorie needs)

    Keep track of your body-fat percentage, keep track of your caloric intake everyday. Keep track of all ur workouts. If you're serious you need all of that to make sure you're actually progressing towards your goals.

    If you're getting stronger and gaining weight and your waist measurement is the same size, that means that extra weight you've gained isn't fat, it's muscle/water weight. Measuring your waist is one of the most simple and effective ways to see if you're eating too much while on a bulk.

    Just remember, you're only in the gym for maybe 1% of the week at the very most, the rest of the 99% is your recovery/diet. If your 99% isn't right your 1% isn't going anywhere.

    I cannot stress how important is it to log all your calorie consumption per week. If you aren't making any gains you need to slightly increase by 50-100 cals per day the week after. You need to track everything. Your daily in-take is a moving target, there is no set thing for everyone. Everyone is different and you have to find out how your body reacts.

    It can takes weeks/months to find out what calories per day work best for you. When I started gaining muscle mass myself when I first started working out it too me a few weeks to find the perfect caloric intake per day for good gains without too much fat gain. Example I started at like 3,000 calories for a week. I didn't make any gains, BF stayed the same, everything did. I increased to 3700 calories the following week and I gained too much, the week after I took it back down to 3,300 and I had a slight gain, without gaining any waist size and my strength had increased. So right now I am bulking at 3,300 calories a day. This will change in a month or 2 to probably 3,350 or 3,400.

    Then once I reach my bulk weight /bodyfat goal I will start cutting at about 2,800, then slowly go down each week until I reach a certain body fat percentage where all the gains I've made are showing drastically.

    But believe me, bodybuilders need building blocks to build their sculptures...they don't just gain huge biceps on skinny-fat arms. You need the materials to build it...without the materials you'll be maintaining the same lean mass forever no matter how good your training is.
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