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    I want to teach new/newish players! Stuck in bronze? Click here.

    I want to give something to the community, if you are just new or stuck in bronze/silver then i want to take you on as my padawan and teach you the ways: D
    I myself got gold elo and im just playing normals so that elo isn't going anywhere but that does not mean i cannot teach you, esp if you are new.
    Please have Teamspeak 3 and a working microphone if you want to do this. Oh and your region has to be EUW if you want to play together. Im not sure how much i can teach with just talking and not playing with you ( if you are on another region ). PM me here if you're interested^^

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    Would it not maybe be easier to send a game that someone lost and recorded via LoL reply. Then you can grab the reply and have a proper in depth look at what they were doing relative to their team mates?

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    Analyzing past games and saying what was wrong will improve a player, but not by much.

    Playing with someone many games, and talking with them, correcting them on their mistakes, that they will repeat over and over again, is a much faster way to improve someone playerskill.

    Humans learn way faster by doing, and by repetition then we learn by being exposed to pure theory.

    You can point someone mistakes, but changing his ways, or understanding why he made such mistakes is a huge part.
    And even if you can see why he is doing such mistakes, changing him does not happen by saying "Oh you are wrong when you do this, instead do that."

    That is why psychology counseling needs yrs to help someone. If just saying what was wrong was possible, it could be done in months.

    Imo, the best way to up your game level is to play with better players.
    If you play with pro's you will become very very good, maybe not pro level, but still very good, in a way that would maybe never happen to you.

    So, his offer is pretty valid, even more to players starting elo right now.

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    Pro tip. Look at this guy and see what he does, you should make your own channel with your touch.


    This guy taught helped me get out of bronze.

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