Guild Name: El Toro Loco
Faction: Horde
Realm: Lothar US
Realm Timezone: Eastern

Raid Time: 9:30-Midnight server may go later on Friday nights.
Raid Schedule: Wednesday and Friday

Current Team:
MT - Warrior
Heals: H.Paladin, R.Shaman, R.Druid
DPS: Destr Lock, Fury Warrior, Surv Hunter, S.Priest

Recruiting for a Mage, but will consider other RDPS.
485+ iLevel. Must be a mature player as this is a mature team. Several of the team members have known each other for 10+ years. This is a reformed team so we just completed MV. Working on HoF to clear and then on to Terrace to farm it and work on ToT.

If interested please contact: Wooki/Woobi/Woobies

Thank you!