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    [H] Archimonde - Archetype is Recruiting| 25m | 2nights/wk

    Current Raid Schedule: Wednesday, 8 - 10:30 server time, Sunday 7 - 10:30 server time, occasional casual LFRs and 10 mans

    Progression: 6/6 MV, 6/6 HoF, About to begin ToES

    Looking for:
    All exceptional, mature applications will be considered. We're in dire need of a skilled healer. All exceptional applications will be considered. [B]

    About us:

    Archetype was founded about 5 years ago and more than anything else, we're proud of our social atmosphere. While PvE tends to be our primary focus, we have many members and former raiders who simply enjoy hanging out in guild chat, on vent, or on the boards. We have a group of pvp'ers and a number of guildies who enjoy many other games besides WoW, such as Sc2, D3, LoL, Rift and GW2.

    With the exception of a few months of 10m raiding following the release of Cataclysm, we've maintained a 25m raid on Archimonde since mid BC. We're finding it necessary to recruit in order to keep our ranks healthy as we progress through MoP.

    What you can expect from Archetype:

    Archetype has a history of running stable raids that progress at a steady pace. We use EPGP with a 10% weekly decay to distribute loot, and it has proven to be a drama-free method for us.

    We consider ourselves to be a "mature" guild. Most of our raiders are over 18 years old, the majority of which are between the ages of 25 - 40.

    What Archetype expects from you:

    We offer constructive criticism based on empirical data such as meters and logs, as well as feedback from other members of the class. We are looking for people who can handle and give out constructive criticism and, most importantly, go above and beyond to ensure they are performing at their very best.

    We have raiders from four different time zones so we have a relatively short raid week (~6 hours/week.) As such, we expect you to show up on time, prepared to raid. You should be repaired with consumables, and have at least a basic idea of the fights ahead of you. You should also be properly geared, gemmed, and enchanted for your role.

    We expect not to be held up by extended or unannounced afk's (unless designated halfway through the raid, which is not uncommon.) We expect you to remain calm and have fun during progression, which is not always easy. We expect attendance that will allow us to raid with a roster of ~30 regular raiders (no repeated conflicts with a weds/sun raiding schedule). We expect at least a basic ability to self analyse and constantly improve - arrogance is not well received in our raids. Most importantly, we expect you to show our raiders and raid leaders the same respect that is shown to you.

    You've gotten this far - How to apply

    If this sounds like the type of guild you want to be a part of - please register and fill out an application on our Website. Our application is fairly basic, so please be as detailed as possible. Tell us about yourself, both in and outside of the game.

    If applying for a social spot and you aren't interested raiding seriously, please disregard the following:

    If applying to raid, please include anything you have that will help us determine what kind of raider you are. That could include anything from logs, to fraps, to screenshots of your raiding UI - your best bet is to provide all three. Be prepared to answer character and raid related questions in your app thread prior to any trial period. We will be assessing how well you fit with our current ranks socially as well, so please don't rely on your leet numbers to do the talking.

    Thanks for your interest. We hope to hear from you soon.
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    Recruiting for Mists now! Great raiding atmosphere!

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    It currently looks like we're a bit shy on melee DPS for MoP.

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    Officer core has been together for 6+ years!

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    Efficient pulls and minimal downtime!

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    Guaranteed fun and excitement

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    Raid with us !

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    Nerds LF more nerds

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    Nerds LF more nerds

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    wtb nerds plz

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    going back to school? don't do homework - play wow

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    Nerds still LF more nerds.

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    more nerds needed for panda mansion

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    Thurs and Sun come raid

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    two nights per week memories for a lifetime

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    "Fun times, noodle salad." - Jack Nicholson

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    noooooooooooooooooooodle salad

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    Still looking for people - we're getting a pretty healthy looking roster though, so don't miss out!!

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    ROSTER SPOTS ARE LIMITED apply now to be eligible for the early bird draw!

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    We require more overlords.

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