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    Need help with a basketball shoe

    Hi guys,

    So our basketball season here has again begun, and I thought I'd get me a spare pair of shoes so I can alternate (else my shoes are done for after 5 months or so). I have been using low shoes for quite some time now so I thought I'd stick to that. I've gotten me a pair of Nike Zoom Kobe VII's and really like them. Problem is, they're really narrow. I have a size 11, which fits just fine, but the shoe itself is really narrow. Getting a bigger size is no option as they'll be too big then. Is there any way you guys can think of to make them a bit less narrow? I.e. cut a piece off, replace a part, I don't know... It isn't a big problem but it's pretty annoying.

    Any help is much appreciated.
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    Well theres two options. You can buy shoe wideners. They look like a wooden foot attached to a bolt that you twist and the wood halves move farther from each other. You leave those in your shoes at night and it helps widen them although I don't know how well they work at all on athletic shoes. Your other option is buying a wider size next time. Men's shoe widths come in D, E, 2E, and 4E most often. D is your typical width, E is slightly wider, 2E is slightly wider, and 4E is for people with massive feet like me. Just make sure you buy the right width for your feet next time. It should be printed right on the front of the box. If you buy them too wide you can always wear thicker socks.

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    Hmm, doesn't say anywhere on the box what the width is. Thanks for the response!
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    If you go to a responsible sports shop they should be able to source you the wider sizes you're after.
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    I don't know if every shoe manufacturer make them in different widths or not. New Balance are pretty famous for doing so (and then some), so if you don't have any luck widening your current shoes you could try them. I use them for actual running shoes and they're pretty good.

    Warning: New Balance might not have as much street cred as Nike Zoom Kobe VII's. Just saying!

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