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    Cool [BIO] Alexander James (calls himself 'Alex Bloodfang' in his Worgen form)

    Name: Alexander James, Alex Bloodfang (as he calls himself in his Worgen form to 'add some diversity' to his character . . . )

    Age: 16

    Race: Worgen

    Gender: Male

    Class: Rogue

    Languages: Gilnean, Common

    Factions: Mercenary

    Personality: Alexander is a headstrong, impulsive and arrogant person. He has little patience but a lot of determination. He is a hard-worker, and believes a half-done job is never good enough. Being a mercenary, he loves gold and, for being so young, has a very, very large amount of it. He normally spends most of it on new weapons, armour, gadgets and other useful items that he finds usefulness in. He rarely smiles and is a very hard character. If you can make him laugh or even give a half-grin, then he considers you a very close friend. Part of the reason why he is so cold is he is still young, and still growing and maturing. He is both angered and excited by this proccess - Mainly angry because of how long it's taking.

    Likes/Dislikes: He loves training, swordplay and honing his skills at stalking/sneaking around. Because of this, he can be easily tempted to steal things (then again, being a rogue, he often does anyway). He dislikes being proven wrong, and normally loses his temper easily when this happens. He hates things not being done his way, and being ignored. He also hates people that fool around during missions or work.

    Appearance: Alexander, in his human form, stands a monstrous seven feet tall. He has long, shaggy, midnight-black hair, and has a very powerful build. He has a broad chest and arms, and is extremely agile. Because of the amount of time he pours in to training and exercising, he is very fit and is well-conditioned. His forearms are marked with fading scars, and across his left cheek is a vicious, three-clawed scar. He is normally wearing black, well-tooled leather armour trimmed with crimson, a ragged black cloak with a hood, and many sheaths and hidden weapons, depending on what he's chosen to use. His eyes are dark, but glow a soft orange around the pupils.

    In his worgen form, he stands nine feet tall, giving him an even bigger disadvantage when trying to stalk in this form. The scars that mark his arms and face in his human form accompany him while he is transformed, as does the leather armour. His fur is midnight-black, and his eyes are a deep orange, glowing brightly. His claws are long, razor sharp and honed, adding another deadly weapon to his arsenal while transformed. In this form, he is just as - if not more - muscular and lean than he is when not transformed.

    Strengths/Weaknesses: Alexander is an interesting character, with a set of interesting strengths and weaknesses. I'll start with weaknesses, so it's easier to understand his strengths.
    Alexander's biggest weakness is that, because of his size, stalking and sneaking are rather difficult and awkward. Though he is a rogue, and naturally a good stalker, his size makes him an easy target. Thus, he has more leaned towards a more open-combat style of play, working on his stalking techniques in the past-time. Because of his short patience and easily-heated temper, he can be tempted in to doing rash things, and likes to find trouble, thus he is almost always fighting against uneven odds.
    His strengths are that, because he has traiend so much with weapons, he is skilled with almost every light and medium type of weapon. He favours swords and daggers, but occasionally can be seen wielding axes and/or maces - But rarely. He is also a skilled engineer, and can brew almost thirty poisons - many of them he has created with his own experimenting - as well as being a ferocious fighter in his bestial form. He is exceptionally skilled at knife-throwing, and is an experienced marksman, meaning he can, when required, use a crossbow or bow effectively.


    Alexander was born nine years after the construction of the Greymane Wall, and for the first while of his life, seclusion was all he'd ever known. His father, an expert tracker and bladesman, had the foresight to train his son, teaching him all he knew. Alexadner had been of normal height since his birth, but when he reached the age of three, he'd begun to grow much more quickly, confusing both his mother and father. It was not long before he was a master with numerous weapons and styles of fighting, as well as stalking and tracking. During this time, he met another Gilnean named Maysonn, who had inherited his mother's talents regarding a bow and arrow, as well as crossbows, to a degree. Alexander took up training with his new friend, who was four years his elder, adding even more weapon skills to his arsenal.
    By the time he'd reached age fourteen, he had begun to grow restless and curious. He'd been closed off inside Gilneas all his life, and his young, adventurous spirit had grown along with him. His mother had passed on almost four years before; his father had slowed down Alex's training, but continued to watch over his son carefully. Fortunately, Maysonn shared his restlessness, and the two began exploring more of Gilneas and its surrounding areas, biding time. Time passed, and little occurred until Deathwing's return . . .
    When the worgen struck again, and the Greymane Wall had shattered due to the recent Cataclysm, Maysonn and Alex were among the first to stand up to defend their home. They fought relentlessly, and it was only now, tested in combat, that he realized his skills regarding stalking and stealth were greatly hindered due to his unusual size. His strength and endurance were unhindered, and so he reduced the amount he tried to ambush his prey, instead gunning for a more warrior-like approach to combat. Equipping himself with two shortswords, a crossbow and numerous throwing knives, Alex found himself at a greater advantage with this method.
    During a particular skirmish, both he and Maysonn acquired a wound from a renegade worgen. While Alex survived his, Maysonn became distracted by his, and was torn apart by three more that ambushed them. Saddened and enraged by the loss of his friend, Alexander joined King Genn Greymane and his stand against the worgen. However, eventually the wound acquired transformed him into the very thing he fought.
    Being captured by Lord Godfrey, an advisor to King Greymane and an ally to Gilneas, he underwent numerous interrogations before he was finally given a conjured potion that restored some of his humanity. As time passed, and he learned more of his new 'curse,' and he convinced himself that the then-invading Horde were the true enemy, he finally began to regain his humanity, and control over his feral, bestial side.
    After the fight for Gilneas ended, and Liam Greymane, son to Genn Greymane fell to the Banshee Queen, Sylvanas Windrunner, he ventured off on his own. He continued to hone his skills, as he was seperated from his father during the fight for Gilneas. Yet still his size continued to vex him, no matter how hard he trained. He realized that his only way to skip around it, was to continue down the path he'd taken before.
    Needing gold to live off of, Alexander instantly took up the career of mercenary work, quickly accumulating large amounts of gold due to his speed and efficiency at his work. Because he'd never learned any other languages, conversing with other races became a difficult obstacle. Finding jobs was difficult, when when he did, it was worth the trouble.
    During one job however, he found himself on the run. His task? To assassinate one sin'dorei within Fairbreeze Village, deep in Quel'Thalas. He'd never travelled to the elven homeland before, and was in awe at its beauty. It was short-lived however, and he turned his mind back to the job at hand. However, the job went haywire after he was caught, the elf's blood coating his hands and blade. Now, he has found himself a fugitive, wanted and hated by many sin'dorei for his murder. One such sin'dorei, a female hunter, hates him with a fierce passion, and has dedicated what resources she has left to find him. (Link to the hunter) - http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...ra-Dawnstrider

    ((Was kind of hurried, but, hey, when I'm hard-pressed to find time, I try and make do. At least he has something now, lol.))
    ((Bumping up for more views. ;D))
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    Hmm a few things that confuse me, at the age of 16 already having a reputation would mean he was at it for at least a couple of years, so he would have stared his work at age 14 at the very least, which would leave him the time before that for training so he trained from hmm 10 years of age? Seems either not enough time for achieving his skill and reputation or a very early, if not too early start in training. Also being already 7 foot tall at the age of 16 is also impressive. The height also is an issue concerning his mastery of stealth. Hiding or sneaking at this size is far from easy. Just food for thought though, waiting for the history,...

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    Just to add a little on top of what Khor said about his height. When RP'ing a rogue it's not exactly like stealth in WoW. Your character will need to rely on crowds, alleys, actual shadows to keep himself hidden. Like you would try sneaking around in real life.

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    Lol, I know all of this. I put5 thought in to that before I made this, as my main in WoW was a rogue, and I also put a lot of gametime in to Assassin's Creed, which also helped me. Also, his reputation as gaining the name of Ghostblade and Bloodfang were both when he was still in Gilneas, before it opened up to Azeroth during Cataclysm. As for his size, he's just a really big guy, but think of him as a lion. Those animals are absolutely massive, but can easily make no noise whatsoever when they're stalking their prey. His sword-training and working on his stealth skills started at the age of 5, as well. I'm trying to get the history written up, but work's been busy over the past eight-nine days, so I haven't really had any time to put more work in to it.
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    That doesn't really make any difference though, where his reputation came from... it's the fact that he's so young is the problem. As well, lions are also a lot shorter than humans. Their size comes from their length more than their height, which is to their advantage as a predator. It's a lot harder for a 7' human to be stealthy than a 5' lion.

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    I, honestly, don't see an issue with his age at all. Especially considering the training he's gone through before the Cataclysm. He knows what he's doing; age doesn't really matter as long as it isn't ridiculously young. Sixteen should be fine.
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    Arthas started training when he was about 6, and it wasn't until his early twenties that he was considered a fearsome warrior.

    Your character is 16, 7 feet tall, going through puberty and so that 7 feet is probably not something he's comfortable with, and thus his rogueish skills are going to suffer because of it, and he has made not one, but two names for himself. He's barely considered an adult, and yet he has this power that has garnered enough attention and admiration that he's well-known enough to have these sorts of nicknames. Don't you see the problem?

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    I can change the names/reputation thing, but the age isn't going to be very easy, because of his history. If I change the age, I literally have to completely redo the entire history I'm writing up for him, and come up with a completely different one.

    There, changed the names/rep, and gave him another weakness for certain times and RP's.
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    It's fine if you want to roleplay a 16 year old rogue, but please do keep in mind that that really is fairly young, and if he really is that tall, you do need to keep in mind that the average height for humans is 6 feet, and at that age, he isn't done growing. He's not going to be a Mathias Shaw, slinking around in the shadows as easy as can be, he's going to be somewhat awkward. At 16, he's probably gotten SOME world experience, but it's not going to compare to a rogue in his twenties or even thirties. That experience is important, regardless of raw talent, and that experience is how rogues make their name.

    I think having a character struggling with his young age and the problems acustomed with it while desparately trying to make a name for himself would be very interesting. If all the talent, experience, and fame are handed to him from the start, where's the fun?

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    True . . . Lol. Thanks for the feedback. I guess I didn't really have him too well-thought out. But It does sound very interesting. I'll make the changes to my BIO after work, when I have time to sit down and do it, but it's definitely a very good idea. TY
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    It's my pleasure, matey. Always happy to help out.

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    ((UPDATE)) Fixed his entire BIO. Took me like, five minutes lol. Just wrote it up on my Notepad, saved, then copied/pasted in to this. Much easier. Should also make a bit more sense now. Lol. Thanks again for the feedback, guys. I just overlooked a few things. They're all better now. ^.^
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    Bumping for more views. UPDATE: Wrote up a quick BIO for him, just to fill in the blank, rather unattractive space below.
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    The edited Bio incorporated the awekwardness of his size for sneaking, that's an improvement. With this story i would however like to know more about the Sin'dorei hunter and the job that went haywire. Fells a tad incomplete to me at the moment.

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    Ah; the rest of that would he incorporated with my other character, Velirra Dawnstrider, who is the one hunting him. Details about her are in her BIO, and I will eventually work in fleshing out the story more fully. I'll put another link to Vel's BIO in the history, so other people aren't left in the dark.
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