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    [Solo content Reminder] - Hotfix

    Just a reminder If you tend to solo a lot in terms of old content I'm sure you will be happy that they put more and more 'fixes'' such as C'thun NOT 1 SHOTTING YOU 2%#^$&$& -.- Sorry anyway


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    SCORE! finally cthun is fixed

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    Thanks for the post m8.

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    I still cants solo ICC 25 >,<
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    I wish they would tune older raids to be 5 man dungeons. There is too much soloing now, even if you and a friend wanted to quest together you would have to be at the exact same part or you would most likely be phased. They wouldnt have to remove the old raid(I know there are people who still enjoy twink raiding), just make another option, "5 man <max level>" or something.
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