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    AVG and GW2

    Hi guys thought i'd make a thread just incase people were having troubles or had troubles in the past trying to get gw2 working etc...
    If you use AVG and despite adding it to the firewall of .exe's allowed it still blocks it then here is what you have to do to allow AVG to give access to it etc.

    Just open following _destination_ports_: 80, 443, 6112, 6600

    Advanced firewall settings, System services, User Settings or something like this.

    Just add a new rule:

    Protocol TCP,


    Local port - everything (from 0 to 65535),

    Remote port 80,443,6112,6600,

    Remote addr all networks,

    Allow all.

    Now keep in mind ports 80 and 443 are http's...but it will not grant access to gw2 to patch or play etc without these 2 given all access etc.

    Hope it helps someone I just went through and fixed this issue so just passing on the information in case others had / have issues. The only reason Im using AVG is i need a temporary free antivirus. If people want to spill their knowledge as to why allowing ports 80 and 443 are bad etc feel free to do so...and also feel free to suggest alternative antivirus programs that are free lol. Irregardless heres a fix. =)

    PS: keep in mind this was the same fix that arenanet had posted on their forums prior to bringing em down after the stress test.
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    Download Microsoft Security Essentials. Ditch AVG. MSE is pretty much the best free AV. No false positives or hassles, and NO nag screens.
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    MSE is really a great free AV.

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    I concur with those above. Ditch AVG and get MSE. MSE is easily the best free (I'd say the best paid one too going by what I use at work) anti-virus out there. Quiet, works in the background with no issue to performance. It's one of the best products Microsoft has ever put out.
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    Thanks a lot OP, this really helps immensely.

    I have the fully purchased AVG software and felt it would be a waste of money to just give it up for a free anti-virus software.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dezeria View Post
    Download Microsoft Security Essentials. Ditch AVG. MSE is pretty much the best free AV. No false positives or hassles, and NO nag screens.
    This this this this this! seriously, ditch avg! MSE is actually really good.
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