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    Question About Having Guild Wars 2 on Multiple Computers

    So i will be out of town for the next 5 days and my laptop will be with me. I was thinking i will pre buy it and i can play it later in the day during the week on my laptop. But once i get home one the weekend i would want to play it on my desktop. Is this possible? Can i just log into my account on the website and download it? How does it work?

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    It works just fine. Just download the game on any system you wanna play it on.

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    wow my bad >_< i thought the game came out on the 25! And the 3 day thing was for the 22nd... i feel stupid now

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    Don't feel too bad. I had thought the 25th would be this Wednesday for the longest time because I was looking at the month of July >_> (Knowing full well it comes out August). 2012 and yet still no cure for my stupid T_T

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