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    Cool Worlds most beautiful person.

    Please thumbnail your images if they are big. Imgur is very simple to use, and here's a helpful guide.

    Post picture of the woman (EDIT: or men) you think is most beautiful/sexy!
    Dosen't need to be a celebrity.

    My choice: Alessandra Ambrosio
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    i would post a picture of the man that is most beautiful to me, but he is shy and asked me not to ^_~

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    "I am chivalrous proportional to the size of breasts." -Orissa

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    Jessica Jung

    And here is a montage of her.
    Also she's in my avatar, and second from the right in my sig
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    Seen so many beautiful woman can't really pick one that stands out.
    People don't forgive, they forget. - Rust Cohle

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    She might be played out and have a terrible family,personality and 100% fake ....but DAMNNNN she is soooooo fine as hell

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    My GF of course.

    In all seriousness Felicia Day, nerdy red head, yes please.

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    I'll also take a hot little punk chick if I can please :-)

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    Those eyes! I am really fond of eyes and they are my first attraction, so I am kinda biased here.
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    My girlfriend. That is all.
    "A writer who says that there are no truths, or that all truth is 'merely relative,' is asking you not to believe him. So don't." - Roger Scruton
    Quote Originally Posted by Wells View Post
    I see no point in compelling integration. If you can't make your society sufficiently enticing to integrate willingly, then perhaps its not so superior.
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    There's nothing wrong with Islam.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elite Peon View Post
    I'll also take a hot little punk chick if I can please :-)
    Wanted to post a picture of a different woman but time was better spent quoting this post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aarium View Post
    dem eyes! and love her hair cut

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    Wow.. almost a whole page and there hasn't been a single Anime character posted yet. I'm proud of you MMO-C.

    Bonus points for the Afghan Girl NatGeo cover. There was a documentary I saw a year or two ago where they actually tracked her down to interview her.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alenarien View Post
    My girlfriend. That is all.
    why dont you share your most beautifull women in the world girlfriend with us!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aerai View Post
    Wow.. almost a whole page and there hasn't been a single Anime character posted yet. I'm proud of you MMO-C.

    anime characters out of the top of my head

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