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    More Wallpapers?

    Where can we find more wallpapers? (Apart from the ones on the official site?)

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    Here ya go: http://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/s...restrict_sr=on[COLOR="red"]

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    From the ones available above these are my favorite: http://imgur.com/a/XrnPe#0

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    You might be able to find some new wallpapers here:

    Good luck

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    Wallpaper abyss::Guild wars: http://wall.alphacoders.com/search.p...d+wars&x=0&y=0
    GW2 guru wallpapers: http://www.guildwars2guru.com/forum/17-wallpapers/

    Art that can be used as wallpaper:
    Consept art world:: Guild wars 2: http://conceptartworld.com/?s=guild+wars+2
    Kakai Kotaki GW2 art: http://www.kekaiart.com/guild-wars-2.html
    "Datamined" pictures: http://mithikx.minus.com/mbh8xju3mj/ and http://mithikx.minus.com/m9hMNNxrb/

    As you can see I really like GW2 art. I have loads of links, but most of them are blogs that contain also other than GW2 stuff.
    I will end this post to picture:

    5 days and 18 hours, then I will be there again.
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    I am looking for a male mesmer one to be completely honest.
    If someone has something on his/her mind, please share it in this thread.

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