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    People who say "it really took that many to gank?"

    If you are this type of person, please learn how the game works. When 3 of Team A comes to kill you, over extended in mid lane by yourself, do not try to dismiss it as the other team having no skill because they had 3 people kill you. Think of it as that team is gaining more gold than your team by working together. This game is not about spending 10 minutes alone, with no worries, in a laning phase, and then team fighting all the way to 40 minutes. I honestly find it funny when people try to talk shit about a gank, but at the same time it worries me that so many people think that this is somehow a wrong way to play LoL.

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    It's funny when these 3-4 people ganks actually fail... funniest rage ever

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    Reminds me of a game I had yesterday that involved a pretty standard gank from the enemy teams Jungler on bot around the 8 or so minute mark. At which point our Top(Shen) and Jungler(Noc, Me) were both 6. Both of which reacted by ulting in, ending up in a 3-1 exchange for us. This exact same thing happened again around the 15minute or so mark when the enemy team caught our mid out and it was a 3-0 for us. We got their ADC, top, support in it.

    We were snowballing pretty hard by the time the second one happened. But after it happened, Their ADC would not shut up about how we had to 3 and 4 man gank him because we were so bad at this game. He also went on and on after the first one about how we don't understand the game and were team fighting while it was still the lane phase.

    I just found it funny, Considering it was their own faults for letting us get a global and semi global ult on the same team.

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    You just have to take things people say in this game with a grain of salt. A lot of the time people DO know that roaming is part of the game but just get mad about the outcome of their other lanes having no pressure capability. That, or they're just being trollish and trying to aggravate you. All things considered, I'm sure depending on ELO/level that there's a population that believes you have to follow some unwritten "meta" rules to the T. They'd be eternally aggravated if they had to play on Korean servers where early lane pushes and roaming is standard.

    You can always turn off all chat.

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    The guys going "omg noobs 4v1 learn to play 1v1" are the people who never learns how this game works.

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    probably the same idiots that cry about killstealing, i mean really? the guy died, who gives a shit who got the kb

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    so many guys who dont understand that game mechanics :>

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    In one of Saturdays matches, we got facestomped pretty badly, but I had one glorious moment. I'm fairly new to the game, I don't know all the names, So I'll just talk in general terms when I don't remember a name.

    I'm playing Leona. Mostly as a onetrick pony, wait out opponent mistakes, charge in with W->E->Q->R and a friend playing Jax finishes the job. At some point we got caught in a 4v2 with Cho'Gath (reasonably fed), the card throwing guy (dealing massive damage) and an Ezreal.

    My friend(Jax) killed the 4th guy on the first damage burst, but gets molested by the other three. I run (tactical retreat *cough*) like mad, but especially the card thrower has runspeed that exceeds mine. We run this way from the end of the Bot lane in their base, to the end of the lane in our base. He keeps missing his 3 card attack and when he catches up with me, I stun him and move on. At the bottom lane center, I get caught by the three and with 10% hp left. I toss in my R, stunning 2. The cardthrower is out of range. I use my Q on him, with a W right after, which immobilzes him and run for my life, again. Eventually I reach my tower (and keep running). End of the story, I live, they have been effectively kept busy with me for about a minute or 2, 3, while our 3 teammates progress into their base.

    I'm not sure whether we eventually won or not, but it felt pretty epic. I can just imagine the cries of rage.
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    So, playing top lane, destroying enemy, zoning him, having ward at nashor and in enemy tribush. Freezing lane at my side of river.

    Jungler trys to help top out, but it ends up as double for me. Great! I re-ward, continue to zone him. This time mid and jungle comes, but I see them, so its np. They hang out for some time, and realize it's waste of time. Some time later, still having wards, i fight with top, we both get low on hp.
    And guess what?

    Jungle, mid and one guy from bot, together with noob top are coming to dive me under my turret and I can just bend over.
    All I can say is, it really took that many to kill me?

    Please note, didn't happen to me, but saw it many times while I was spectating.
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    Do we join the demons to fight the titans? One can dream.

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    People who complain they got outnumbered 'LOL took 3 of you to kill me' really get on my rag. However usually comments such ass 'OMG TEAM PLAY IN A TEAM GAME CALL THE POLICE!' shut them up very quickly

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    I hate people who get mad over LoL all together..

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    When someone qq like that "DURR LOL IT TAKES 3 GUYS TO KILL ME LOLZ" I just reply with "Its called a gank".
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    Should be a motherfucker instant ban.
    I usually never type, just ss.
    - The guys who calls that, or gg easy, ks, lol noob etc. instant ban, for fucking life.

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    LOL is an anything goes type of game (within the mechnics of the game) and ganking is hardly something new only noobs would think otherwise

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    Quote Originally Posted by Proberly View Post
    The guys going "omg noobs 4v1 learn to play 1v1" are the people who never learns how this game works.
    And for some reason these people seem to play Darius non stop. "Bwahahaha you need 4 people to gank me. I'M SO FUCKING GOOD"

    Fuck no, you arent.

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    Well.. today I had a game where I played as Shen, top lane. Went really well for me and I ended up having 2 kills within 10 minutes and zoned the other guy pretty hard. As I became more and more fed, they decided to full on gank me. All 5 of them, but since Shen is so awesomely OP when fed, I managed to kite them to my t2 turret and got a few kills before some of my team showed up for a full on ace xD

    The moral of this story is don't gank a fed Shen, you will fail!

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    When I get ganked by 3-4 people, I usually just get mad at myself because it was something that I did that let them do that. But I do think it's a bit silly when you get ganked by 3-4 people and all 3-4 blow their ult when even 1 ult would have been overkill.
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    I agree 99% of the time. Stop complaining about getting out numbered. The one thing that I think is the exception, is when you're basically turtling your tower and three or more champions dive you, sorry, but.. It's not actually "worth it" One of you died to the tower, and the others hardly escaped my team..

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    Some people win by farming
    some people win by ganking
    some people win by raging and trying to get the other team off their game.

    They're all fair strategies. You can only be insulted when you open yourself up for insults. Works in life and double-so in videogames. If someone on the other team is not happy with your strategy and sais so in chat, you're playing the game well.

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    If I'm being stupid an pushing a lane by myself and stay too long and get ganked, I get mad at myself and rage a bit to my friend on vent. However, if I'm fed as all hell and do the same thing I'll throw out the "Lol, you sent everyone to kill me?" every 2/5 games. Is it nice? No. Did they need all 5 to kill me? Probably not. Did it make sure I didn't get away or get 2+ kills? You bet your ass and I'll take that chance to remind them.

    When the bad players do it it's annoying as all hell. When a good player says it, it's a legitimate psychological strategy that can keep the enemy team on it's heels and doubting themselves.

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