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    Pre-Purchase Gw2, 3 day Headstart... Help!

    Hey, I havn't been looking much into GW2 apart from some Gameplay here and there and I've decided to give it a go.

    I saw that if you pre-purchase GW2 online, you will be able to play it on the 25th, as oppose to the 28th.

    So I went to the website https://www.guildwars2.com/en/

    However I don't understand how it Works exactly, I want to buy the game, but I try to go Register an account but It asks for a code.

    So Should I buy the game first then register it? I don't really understand, also the website looks abit strange I don't even know if it's real.

    As stupid as I may seem... I am not trolling and any help would be appreciated!
    Thanks in advance!
    i require ham.

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    You would need to buy the game through https://buy.guildwars2.com/en/ then register it at the next step.
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    Buy the game from guildwars2.com THEN register an account with your game code

    yes the site is real
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    You buy the game, and then at https://register.guildwars2.com/ you would click "NO" for the option "Do you have a Guild Wars account?"

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    You go to http://buy.guildwars2.com and select your version and pay for it, you get a code. The next step is register, if you buy it from a different vendor or lose the page just go to http://register.guildwars2.com and input your serial that will have been emailed you.

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    To make an account you have to buy the game first. Once you do that, you get a serial code to make an account.

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    Thank-you all very much for the quick response, really appreciate it and I will get to doing it now !
    i require ham.

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