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    They are both automatically part of holy

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    As Junnia said, it's a passive spec ability. I will actually have to blame the new UI here; it's not obvious what passive abilities you really get for choosing a spec. Sure, you can venture into your spellbook and find out, but that's only available after you chose the spec in the first place.

    The forum talent calculators hold the info neatly though.!

    If you click the spec of choice, you can see which abilities you get at which level, and which is passive, active and so on. For holy, it means that pretty much any ability that mattered that you had in wrath is still there. Most of the old talents are either passives like the ones in that list, baked into the abilities themselves or didn't provide any meaningful bonus anyway. I'm sure that if Blizzard had just stated this clearly, all the QQ about the new talent system would be gone in a flash. Personally, I hope they will rework the UI so that you can browse the list of passive abilities before choosing a spec. If the ability was important enough to keep in MoP, it sure as heck is important enough to mention before you chose a spec!
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