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    Always looked at LoL and wanted to try it but never have, i would like someone to maybe help me with the classes and roles to decide what to play and use as i level up, could be thru forums or skype D:.

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    Well you can add me if you play EU west, my name is Merp

    been there done that... except AQ opening event, fml -.-

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    Well, for now, don't bother buying champs with RP. At all. You need to learn the basics first, and that can be easily accomplished by playing the free to play champs.

    Looking at them though, I only feel Nasus is the best champ for a beginner. You lane that one in top lane. Max his q ability (Siphoning Strike) and aim to kill as many minions as possible with it. Once you get a decent amount of minions killed with it, you will just wreck apart any team, because it will hit like a truck after that. Either that or play support Soraka (though I have to admit that it is one of the more dull supports I have ever played) You usually play her bottom lane.

    Other than that, you should learn how to last hit minions (getting the killing blow) so you get gold. Generally in the early game, you do this through an attack, waiting for your minions to whittle the health of the enemy minion down, and then hit it before they can kill it. If you do this right, it should explode money. It's a hard skill to master, but the normal gold acquisition rate is just so damn slow that you need to do this to stay ahead in gold, and as such, help decide the game.

    I've included a list of the free champs this week, if you don't like the idea of the two I mentioned.
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