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    Naming characters

    So, I've heard that in GW2 only ONE person can have a certain name across all servers.
    If that's true, I've been wondering about your name and "surnames". Would people be able to name themselves like this;

    Sentess Somethingmore

    So in theory, it's still two different names... yet still the same.
    Will it be possible to name characters like that, or will it detect another with the name Sentess in it?

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    No they're two different names. You could use one or even both.
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    Yes you can. You can even have an entire guild with the same surname, a lot of Charr RP guilds are doing it to mimic a warband.

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    We have 2 very recent topics concerning character names and naming conventions.

    I would advise this discussion be moved here: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...name-or-double!


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