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    I don't understand why they nerf 10-39 leveling. Leveling is quite fun, at least when you do it for the first time, so I don't see why you have to go through it so fast. The nerfs to 80-85 leveling are understandable.

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    Holy *beep* batman! Those cinematics are amazing!
    Hope we get more like these in MoP.

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    Loved Garrloshs' cinematic.

    Have always loved his hot headedness and temper - very exciting to watch. Even though there is a war between factions i love seeing personality discrepancies between race leaders - i mean they can't all be caine/thrall.

    I know evenually we have to kill Garrosh but im really hoping theres alot of garrosh influence in the new quests and new patches til its time to raid ogrimmar.

    Feel kinda sad that my fave character will be obsolete.

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    The horde one reminds me of a Megatron/Starscream conversation for some werid reason.

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    4/5 videos are awesome. That is, the Alliance one, the two others, and Pico's. I don't like the Horde's intro. They are really going out of their way to paint Garrosh as a bloodthirsty asshat.

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    Didnt know blizzard got compromised >.>

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    Wait what... Lots of people here actually reacting "Woah, Garrosh is badass awesome" to this cinematic that is obviously intended to show him in a state of already advanced corruption by whatever evil force is corrupting him? That's equivalent to cheering for Arthas when he killed his father or wanting George Lucas to make another Star Wars movie.

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    Since when are orcs such elaborate speakers, especially one who's know to be a raging lunatic? Bleh, they really went all "gentlmeny" on their ass.

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    It's embarrassing really how bad the character models are.

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    Many of the in game cinematics that are part of your introduction to Pandaria or are part of major quest lines now have in game cinematics to go with them.
    Wait, what does this mean? In game cinematics now have in game cinematics?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lvlark View Post
    Wait, what does this mean? In game cinematics now have in game cinematics?
    Yo dawg, so I heard you like cinematics. So we put a cinematic in your cinematic so you can watch a cinematic while you watch a cinematic.

    OT: Great cinematics, can't wait to see more in-game.

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    seeing the horde intro...
    it made me think.
    I think we'll see Grom in spirit form approaching his son with the help of thrall.

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    I think there is a fairly strong spoiler in the last one. The point is that Pandaria was IN balance/harmony until the Horde/Alliance show up. Basically we anger the pink slime in Ghostbusters...and clearly to make things right on Pandaria, were going to have to remove Garrosh as he is the focal point of the anger.

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    On the Required Experience issue,

    I've finished to level up my 7th Alliance toon to 90 back in a few days and want to share some impressions about the MoP Beta leveling. This post all about the questing, if you like to level up by grinding mobs/pvp you can skip it.

    These values are without rested XP:

    85-86 - This range is way better now, you can easily ding 86 by skipping the optional questhubs (Nectarbreeze, TienMon, etc) in Jade Forest. However if you plan to skip the main quest line, these optional hubs alone won't provide enough XP to ding 86 so it won't work. You're forced to stick on the mainline, which is not bad, the problem is you must do every single quests to get out of the starting zone. You cannot skip a single quest in the mainline (up to the Dawn's Blossom) and that'll be a major pain since people will stuck on certain quest waiting for object / mob respawns / etc, in many areas. Remember Hyjal where you were able to skip the very first pair of quests and even more later in the zone to speed yourself up a bit.

    86-87 - With raising the req. XP recently, you have to do quests in both 86 zone, Vot4W and Krasarang Wilds since even a full clear on one alone won't get you even to 75% of the XP bar. You're able to ding 87 by doing quests in these two zones anyway, so there's no problem here right now.

    87-88 - In the current build (16004) if you start questing in Kun-Lai Summit right after you hit 87 you'll be barely able to ding 88 in the zone and ONLY if you do a full quest clear in the whole zone (included optional unattached side-quests, which usually takes some research to find all of them). Again, its without any rested. Right now, as there are some bugged quests in the zone (Checking In, Pandaren Prisoners) I was able to reach 88% of the XP bar by completing all of the available quests.

    88-89 - In the current build there are a bug with some quest-giver NPCs on the very first quests so dozens of people just sitting around the Longying Outpost currently, waiting for a fix. In the previous builds this zone was really messed up, you barely reached 70-75% of the XP bar with clearing all the available quests (including the implemented and fixed Niuzao hub). If they didn't put some more quests in or raised the gained XP / quests this zone is all the same empty mess.

    89-90 - Dread Wastes is a bit better according to leveling. You follow the story of the mighty cockroach faction which splits some times, at least twice exciting as the Shado-pan line was in TS. One of the latest builds the devs fixed the end of the Klaxxi quest line, though, freeing the last two Paragons is required to be Revered with the faction so you can't do that in normal questing which pushes you up to Honored. Clearing the whole place took me to 96% last time, and again it's w/o any rested and including all the quests currently available. There were no any major bug in the last build.

    Since Blizzard never released any WoW expansion in which you can't level up to the max by doing only the quest/story line I hope they weren't changed their mind in MoP and this XP issue will be fixed before the launch.

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    WTB lips for pico,anybody got any? Please,will pay lots of gold,will trade for a better presenter aswell w/me offers ty!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Velophyx View Post
    Well there didn't change too much XP wise compared to the "New". I do have to say, even at this moment I find myself leveling way too fast through the first 60 levels. I'd like to see that extended but who am I..
    Same here. For me, leveling could take MUCH longer. Not some stupid 20%, I'm talking about three or four times as long. Fast leveling is boring as hell. Back in Everquest it actually meant something when you dinged from 19 to 20. In WoW anything below 70 means you started the toon an hour ago.

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    Those are probably the best in-game cinematics I've seen on any game

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