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    "Sorry for slow responses lately, been busy buffing and nerfing to get everyone balanced for release."

    And yet we all know, Monks and Holy Paladins will be OP on release.
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    Re: Alliance intro cinematic - really wish they would use someone other than Metzen for the in-game voices. It really takes the immersion away. Every time I hear "Varian" speak in that cinematic, I can only picture Metzen on the Blizzcon stage yelling "Geek IS!" Arghh....

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    They pick really dumb questions 90% of the time.

    What about all the people asking about current rep-gain rates and Spirit of Harmony? Do I really need to read a whole page of whining about LFR?

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    The Horde cinematic got me pumped to paint Pandaria red with blood in the name of Garrosh Hellscream, Warchief of the Horde.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lvlark View Post
    Wait, what does this mean? In game cinematics now have in game cinematics?
    It means I shouldn't be interrupted in the middle of writing text! It also shows how few people read the text.

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    Overpowered Monk in the Cinematic
    In your opening cinematic you show a monk soloing two players. This is completely unfair and I am considering canceling my subscription. Therefore this needs to be addressed or you could lose millions of players.
    That's Chen Stormstout. If he was fighting Varian and Garrosh in the opening cinematic, you might have a point. Maybe.
    Said the same thing a couple of days ago... but why the hell is he level 90 in game instead of Boss level?

    Anyway, I've been horde for a long time and the last time I played Alliance, Varian wasn't in the picture. He seems like a badass :O
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    "There's nothing bad about it. The issue comes when demands are made to artificially create an environment that lets someone be identified as a "snowflake"."

    Surely nerfing content down so everyone can do it is a more artificial situation that just leaving it as it is. Are all the bosses suffering from some weakening disease?

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