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    Favorite Alien Race in Sci-Fi

    As the title says, what is your favorite alien race in Sci-Fi? It could be anything that derives from TV, movies, games, books, whatever you want. Maybe even post a picture to show off or post some backstory to explain why.

    My personal favorite would be the Necron's from Warhammer 40k followed closely by the Protoss in StarCraft.

    For those that might not know, the Necron's are a race that originally formed from a species called the Necrontyr which were deceived by promises of immortality, 60 million years prior to the events of W40k . They were promised immortality but they paid the price to be forever imprisoned in soulless metal skeletons and husks built for war and conquest.

    After exacting revenge on their deceivers, they slept until the events of W40k where they awoken to reclaim the galaxy.

    Necron's are regarded by many as having technology so advanced that their basic weapons cripple the most advanced weapons of many other species and dumbfound their top researchers and scientists. I'd probably go as far to they are the most advanced alien race in all Sci-Fi.

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    They are so ridiculous, and they never die out, yet you can't help but love them.
    They are the Daleks from Doctor Who for those who don't know.
    These aren't the spoilers you're looking for.

    Move along.

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    Turian, probably:

    Followed by Predators:

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    Wookies from Star Wars. They have a love of technology, but respect their planet, they are deeply loyal, and extremely strong.

    These are followed closely by the 'Aliens' from the Alien franchise The ultimate killing machines!
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    I'd agree with Necrons. If it wasn't for balancing rules purposes in 40K, Necrons would probably rule the galaxy by now lol. They just don't freaking die.

    Xenomorphs are probably my favorite. 'Bugs'. Lol. They adapt to their host, taking on their aspect. They can be anything and everything, they're ruthless, cunning killing machines...and hatching out of the chest of your enemies is just the best insult I can possibly think of lol.
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    My favorite races are the Rakata from the Star Wars universe and the Tau from the WH40k.

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    Minhee <Converge>, Khadgar EU, redsparowe#2548

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    The Vortigaunt from Half-Life and the Quarians from Mass Effect. (Coughbatarianscough)

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    Wraith from SG: Atlantis n Goa'uld from SG:1

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    Ive always loved the Zerg swarm, hive mind, infinitely adaptable as well as capable of spaceflight through an entirely organic means

    Azgard are awesome as well, old as hell, all clones, minds transfered to another clone when needed, and very cool time technology, as well as cool looking spaceships
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    I have always like the boonana ppl from jupiter but that is just me.

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    Warhammer 40K Orcs, so damn awesome.

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    Are Mandalorians a race?
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    Teladi (from the X-universe games)

    The Teladi are a reptiloid race.

    Their main concern is for profit, and for that reason their ships use old and outdated technology they've traded for. Their ships are slow but heavily shielded.

    The Teladi have reasonable relations with all the other main races, including the Pirates, as certain Narcotics are grown legally in Teladi space, and bought up by smugglers.


    The Teladi have been plying the space lanes for longer than any of the other races, however following the Terraformer War and the reorganisation of the jumpgate network, the far-flung and backwards Teladi colony of Seizewell was cut off from the rest of Teladi space and isolated amongst the other races who had had contact with the Terraformers.

    Without the technological base to sustain them, and with no desire to expend profits to once again reach the stars, it was nearly six centuries before the Teladi colony re-established itself in space. It ultimately only did so on discovering other species in the X-Universe, who provided the Teladi with the biggest profit opportunity in their history. In just two centuries, the new Teladi Company, headquartered at Seizewell, exploded into the dominating economic force in the X-Universe.

    Such was the success of the colony that when the X-Universe was reconnected to the jumpgate network following the events of the Second Xenon Conflict, Seizewell took over from the Teladi homeworld of Ianamus Zura as the de facto capital of all Teladi space.

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    Well, its sad when I think of all the possible Alien Races. Only one stands out as my Favorite.

    They are big green of questionable intelligence. They are a combination of both animal, algae, and Fungus. They reproduce by getting killed in the height of Battle, their blood contains spores which will one day grow to be the next generation. They will grow larger and meaner their whole life until they are killed in Battle. They can build stars-ships, aircraft and other weapons of war. Only none of their technology should work, it is because they have a psychic like ability which empowers their technology. It also causes them to gather together for war under the banner of the Meanest and Largest member of their species.

    They also have some funny traits, they love to get drunk, They have two Gods. one is who is brutally kunnin' and the other who is kunninly brutal they usually can not agree as two which is which.

    They use teeth as currency, and since they regenerate teeth they can always take their own teeth.

    They have several sub-species which grow from the same spore DNA, these are either smaller dummer little guys, two legged biting monsters, or giant pack animals.

    Also the Color Red makes things go faster for them.

    So can you guess who they are?

    Race: Orks
    Sci-fi universe: Warhammer 40,000 (WH40k)
    Gods: Gork & Mork, or is it Mork & Gork?
    Sub-Spieces: Gretchin (goblins), Squigs (nasty mouths on legs), Squiggoths (pack monsters)

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    Quote Originally Posted by inboundpaper View Post
    Are Mandalorians a race?
    I was gonna add them to my favourites but I think they are classed as more of an interplanetary clan/organisation than a race. Though they have such a well-define culture and history that it could certainly be considered more than just a 'club'. It feels like a quasi-adopted race to me. Especially when most Mandalorians seem to label themselves a Mandalorian before Human, Twi'lek or w/e. A memetic race, perhaps, as opposed to the typically genetic.
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    Asgard in SG-1!

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    So many to choose from! I like so many. But thanks to a brilliant VO that gave the species a soul, I'd go with:

    But if I'd have to pick a... "true" alien alien (an alien that wouldn't pass as a human wearing a head piece or tipped ears or something), I think the ones that fascinate me the most are:

    Another one I like, but doesn't make it to the top of my list (honorary mention for originality):

    ^Moya (Farscape), the horse between the galaxies.
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    My favorites so far are :
    1er :
    (if its an alien, im not really sure if it fits in this category)
    Cylon from battlestar galactica

    Like said previously, the Daleks!
    "We are the Daaaaaleks!"

    The nox of stargate are pretty cool too.
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    Quarians due to dem hips.

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