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    Resto druid possibly switching to holy pally.

    Hello I have played a resto druid for 6 years in pve and could be making the switch to holy pally in MoP.

    I have no clue how to play a pally as holy now or the ideal way in MoP any pointers.

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    There are various threads about holy now and in MoP, go research them and if you have SPECIFIC questions then ask.
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    Some very basic pointers from someone who also switched from resto to holy:

    It is nearly the exact opposite play style from a healing perspective. Resto is more about preemptive healing and padding health, while HPally is much more reactive and CD based. Stay alert on your pally until you get used to the different heal delivery. Other than that, please read up and learn about spell selection and appropriate CD usage.

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    I'll echo both the comments of:
    1) read the current MoP Holy threads and come back with a specific question if you have one.

    2) The biggest changed in style you'll have to get used to is working in all the throughput CD's Holy has, and getting used to the various hand/blessings utility. You also have to get used to not having as many mobile healing options. (Though MoP may add some based on talents) It's definitely a very different feel than Resto Druid. Ideally if you have a lvl 85 holy pally now - go do some healing to get a feel for it. Run some Firelands Heroics or DS heroics but DS has too much stacking spam to get an all around feel for the whole healing toolkit imo.
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    With a resto druid you basicaly shoot for HPS and blanket everyone with HOTs to complement others' heals, while very mobile. With holy paladin you are more reactive and give out more "life saving" direct heals and less HPS (normaly, unless you count Holy radiance spam in late cataclysm in 25men, ahem).

    Also, with holy paladin you have many absolutely brilliant cooldowns that you can rotate for max performance, learn when to use them.

    Besides that, just read some guides and watch some videos on youtube honestly, and practice practice practice...

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    I'm also a resto druid who went Holy pally!

    I think the major changes are that you need to get used to spot healing. With the death of Holy Radiance in the new patch, you wont be spamming any one spell. You need to learn to use your single target heals based on the amount of health needed by the target. You should still be using Holy Shock on cd, so make sure that you track that as best you can. With the patch, you also wont have to deal with micromanaging buffs like LB or Harmony.
    Also remember to keep in mind that your heals will heal your Beacon target. I kind of forgot that when I first picked up Holy and sometimes ignored others to heal the Beacon target (DERP).

    Like Knight said, another big part is going to be cds. As a resto druid, you have one real throughput cooldown (ToL). As a paladin you have access to Divine Favor, Avenging Wrath, Guardian, and possibly Holy Avenger through talents. You have so many cooldowns that it is possible and very advisable to pop a cooldown any time you run into a rough patch.

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    Druid is preemptive healing, paladins are burst healers. Having played both I can honestly say that holy paladins just feel a lot more enjoyable due to that. If you want a playstyle switch I'd give it a shot on the PTR before you reroll.

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