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    Does anyone know a way to get from Vale of Eternal Blossoms to Halfhill at 80? Excluding getting a summon/flying mount ride?

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    Nice guide!

    *sig made by Soko* <3

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    Nice guide, I'll definitely be coming back to this guide when I finally decide to level up my cooking :P

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    nice guide.

    btw, you can fish golden carp from anywater in pandaria with anyfishing skill, its the equiv of vendor trash for MoP. if you dont meet teh skill reqs for the normal fish, Golden carp is all you will get.

    I recently levelled fishing from scratch in pandaria (dont ask, it was horrible!), and I got bags full of the things.

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    Thanks for the tips!!!!

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    Way to go with the cooking bonus! Thanks for the guide.

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    thanks for guidence and it will improvement in my life..

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    Great guide! But you do not talk about +300 stats banquet, does they exists?

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    this one is so interesting

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