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    I just ordered this


    I will get to play on August 25th correct? and will get the box version whenever correct?

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    You should have gotten a game code in your email so you can register it and download the client now, I believe.

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    Yeah you definitely need to ensure you get a code for that and go to the GW2 site and input it there.

    Also make sure you download the client and patch it all the way. You don't want anything holding you back when it's go time! Haha.

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    All the above information is correct. Make sure you got your code via email so you can register and start downloading the client. The last thing you want to do is open up your client for the first time on Friday (Saturday depending on where you're at), and then have to wait for EVER before you can start playing.

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    Ignore me - didn't see the 'pre-order bonus offer' box on that page for some reason
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