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    We're all making different races pretty much so at first we're going to be playing separately but later on I think we'll be doing nearly everything in a group.
    you can immediately join with your friends via portals (Asura Gates) that are also free to use and near when you spawn after the character creation!
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    PvE: 100% with friends
    PvP: solo or with a pvp guild

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    the more, the better ... leveling in wotlk/cata was hilarious with 5-15 people in ts³.

    anyone planning to play on Riverside (EU/DE) ?

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    solo first weekend, then ill be over skype with my friend, doing WvW together and stuff

    I'll maybe create a WvW guild. set up hours where everyone gets on vent or something and do WvW together

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    Most likely it'll be solo. Only one of my RL friends has decided to pick it up and he isn't an avid gamer anyway so he won't be on much. It's a good thing the scaling down system exists though, since when he does log in I can team up with him and not feel like I'm diminishing his experience.

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    BOTH! Since I will be playing bit more than most of them... got time of from work :P.

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    Imma be playing forever alone. None of my friends are really interested...

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    playing an mmorpg solo seems to kind of defeat the purpose ill be playing with a number of different friends, trying to corral everyone onto the same server

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    We're 5 mates playing together from the get-go so with friends.

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    Alone, for one cuz no I know is gonna play it and two cuz then I can do whatever I want without having to stick with my buddies all the time.

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    Valar morghulis

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    Alone till dungeons. I plan on staying up all weekend playing through it, my body has been waiting for this game for years and it's ready to stay up 3 nights in a row with a few power naps. I know I'll be alone for most of it, and that's exactly what I'll want. Thing I'm looking forward to most, running dungeons.

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    Me and my BF will be at our PCs in the same room but playing our characters alone, punctuated with cries of "wow, look at this" :P

    I prefer to play alone so I can absorb things at my own pace and not feel rushed but we group so we can help each other out in sticky situations. Can't believe launch is so close after so many months of longing!
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    Nobody i know is going to play Guild Wars 2.. sigh. The pain of being so into First Person Shooters.

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    Mix of both.

    At launch myself and 3 friends will be at a Big UK Gaming LAN event (Insomnia I46) where we will all be starting our characters together, but Im probably a bigger fan than they are so can see myself playing Solo quite a bit.
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    I never ask real life friends to play games with me, and if I do play with people in game, it's just for PVP/instances, I like to enjoy the lore solo and at my own pace. But to each his own. It's like practicing driving with someone more experienced - all they do is complain that you're going too slow or that you should stop respecting the rules so much, to the point where the experience becomes annoying.
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    I don't have friends

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    Both, we're all making different races at the start, but if they're on, I'll probably be the one to go out of my way and go to them and do their zone with them. 2 main friends that will be playing, 1 is lazy, and 1 this is his first mmo. So they're gonna need all the help they can get.

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    I'll be playing alone on the headstart till my girlfriends and some mates join me on launch

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    Solo, none of my friends play.
    Doesn't bother me anyway, I always play online games solo.

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