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    More detailed Tradeskill info?

    I know the main stickied game info thread touches on tradeskills/crafts some. But is there a good place for more info about this? I didn't get a chance to dabble with crafting at all in the BWEs or Stress Tests - and would like to make sure to use my resources wisely from the get go and not be stuck with overfull bags.

    Also any tips/info for good quick ways to kit out a set of bags very early on?

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    I believe tailoring, leatherworking and armorsmithing all allow you to make bags and iirc my friend was able to make 12 slot bags with tailoring fairly early on in the process so if you choose one of those trade skills then you should be good to go (i think.)

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    Resource wise, you shouldn't ever have full bags from resources. Use deposit all collectibles, or, alternatively, you can right click the item and send them one at a time to your bank collectibles page. Of note, you can access this bank collectibles tab from any crafting station, so no need to bank run back and forth. Also, keep salvage kits readily available for the stuff you don't want and don't plan on selling on the trading post, get some of those resources back to continue crafting.

    As for other information regarding crafting skills... GW2 Wiki Crafting has some good info.

    As far bags early on, couple choices. I know tailor and leatherworker crafting have some cheap bags with decent size, and I think Armorsmithing does as well. As well, you can purchase some decent sized bags with Karma, and also coinage (copper/silver/gold), and then there's also buying from the trading post from other players. Options! YAY!
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    General guide to crafting: http://www.guildwars2hub.com/guides/...guide-crafting

    Crafting videos:

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    Thank you both Bluedragonwolf (great info about the built in mailing for crafting mats to your bank - and remote access to them from crafting stations... that is just fantastic stuff - and I did not know!) and for the links Nektar, I will check them out.

    One more reason I'm digging GW2 so far.

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    Armorsmiths and leatherworkers will be able to make bags/boxes, gw2 wiki is a great spot for the info.

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    Great posts above, but as always dude...checkout the GW2 Wiki. Has a lot of great information on there.

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