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    Quote Originally Posted by dezaroth111 View Post
    Its arrived!!!!!!
    Now we want to see a unboxing video!!

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    Mine's arrived too

    Collectors Edition Arrival
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    Got mine incoming very soon to my work address...think I am going to get some strange looks from my work colleagues. They are just masking jealousy.

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    I wont get my CE box until the 28th. Douchebag GameStore wouldnt give me even though the box WAS RIGHT BEHIND HIM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jvbastel View Post
    I might miss it, so just in case.

    although my "go go power rangers" sms tone is hard to miss
    I have the exact same text-alert ringtone haha!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exroyal View Post
    I wont get my CE box until the 28th. Douchebag GameStore wouldnt give me even though the box WAS RIGHT BEHIND HIM.
    Just get better connection with them. Usually if you know those who work there, wonder can happen'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kezotar View Post
    Just get better connection with them. Usually if you know those who work there, wonder can happen'
    I know i would have gotten if it was the same dude who took the pre-purchase on 10th april. He was kind and all cool. This dude is douche, and that dude quit long time ago, fml.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BradersVal View Post
    Does anyone know if its safe to use the auth code as soon as we get it or will we need to wait til launch? This is the paranoid side of my mind asking after thinking up every conceivable problem that might happen. :S
    Should be fine to use straight away to make your account as I did this for my online pre-purchase.
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    bah! havent heard from my Third party retailer yet. tho i have sent a mail asking when it gets there. but they usually have good delivery so, and if i read corrctly, the code i wrote will apply to the 3 days headstart.

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    sorry for the late images i was in work.

    the metal case:

    the statue:

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    I saw the boxes today at GameStop, my friend works there and he showed me them... All he said was ''Sorry, can't give them out yet, we need a green sign first'' <.<

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    Ughhhh. It makes me so angry we can't get these early from gamestop.

  13. #33 ftw they may have gone bust as a retail business but when it comes to them being online only they are doing well

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    Damn Gamestop, yeah have to wait for the 28th, but its ok....I hope i did pay in full, and then some how, my girlfriend threw out my reciept. I was pissed but i have lost reciepts before. I should be good.....
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    Mine hasn't shipped yet from ze Gamestop. Accursed Gamestop. Oh well, at least I've got the client all ready to go.
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    You know what I got my client all set and up to date. Then went into beta today, it told me that my Graphics drivers run like crap from what they have seen. so i updated my drivers, something went wrong, and windows wouldn't open. it crashed like 4 times i system restored, and it said it had the best place, and only had to delete one thing. so i said fine do it comp just freaking start. then it started, and worked fine mean while this was all during todays stress test. So i was in a rush.....i look around for 5 mins before i find out the one thing the come delelted was my full client install from gw2 website. I was so pissed. But i still had the beta client, so it was ok. but i ahve to re download the full client be for Saturday!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eiserne Drossel View Post
    GameStop doesn't let me pick mine out until the 28th...
    Retarded corporations don't know about the preorder special apparently. :/ Sucks to be you, mate.
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