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    Quote Originally Posted by WorldofWorkcraft View Post
    Which is okay because you don't need to go anywhere specifically...hehe.
    Lol touché.... I can say that I meet ended up at the location I Originally wanted to go to though...
    Quote Originally Posted by draykorinee View Post
    Youre in the mmo forums and you find mmos boring, Im heading on over to the twilight forums to add my unecessary and shallow 2 cents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danur View Post
    Well currently gathering, crafting, exploring, BGs all give you xp in WoW. No difference there.
    I last played during Dragon Soul's patch, and crafting never gave experience. Only gathering does. Also, Guild Wars 2 rewards exploration much more than WoW does currently.

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    Guild Wars 2 has no quest log, outside of the Personal Story questlines, which are more of a solo endeavor (though you're totally able to group up for those if you choose). That alone should say how different it is from the normal 'collect quests, do quests, turn in quests' concept.

    Even though the content of events themselves is somewhat standard in its execution (to a degree - one of the best things about events is that there are often quite a few ways you can progress towards completing them), not having a quest log is... strangely liberating. Events pop up all over the place, with different events happening at different times, many dependent on the stage or completion-factor of other nearby events... it's very, very easy to get distracted in GW2.

    If it's similar to Skyrim in any way though, it's that you're deeply rewarded for exploring. In Skyrim, choosing to hoof it all the way across the wilderness and letting yourself get distracted by every single thing along the way (of which there is plenty!) is very rewarding, and GW2 is the same way in that you're rewarded for letting yourself succumb to the lure of wandering aimlessly.
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